Protect the historic Methodist Meeting House site in Hillsboro, Oregon

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The historically protected Oregon landmark known as the Methodist Meeting House is protected by State Law and the City of Hillsboro, Oregon comprehensive codes.  This site, while just land now, was one of the earliest places of worship, government, and protection in the Oregon country.  Long before Oregon became a territory or a State the Methodist Meeting House was a place of great importance being built in 1843-44 and used until 1865.  Buried on the land adjacent to this historic site are 5 children of early settlers Colonel Joseph Meek,  and his wife Virginia, a Nez Perce woman.  The site is recognized and protected.

Now, October of 2018, a large industrial park developer known as Majestic Westmark, is asking for permission to cover the site of this historic and protected place with parking lots and structures.  This should not be allowed.

  • Oregon's Goal 5 "Historic Resources" protects this site
  • The Methodist Meeting House is protected as a Cultural Resource
  • City of Hillsboro Comprehensive Codes requires the site to be protected and to have a monument built at the time of development.
  • As of this time the developer wants to develop the property, not protect the Methodist Meeting House site and is asking for land use approval for about 800,000 plus SF of cement tilt-up warehouse buildings.

We are working with the City of Hillsboro through the efforts of individuals and the Meek Plains Historians & Five Oaks Discovery Coalition.

We ask for your support as follows:

  • Request the City of Hillsboro deny the application of the developer.
  • Support the City to Hillsboro as they work with the Historic Landmarks Advisory Committee to develop plans for a monument that reflects the history, protects the location and the graves, and honors the importance of this site.
  • Request the City of Hillsboro require that NO WORK on the site be allowed until the developer has completed proper and exhaustive research and archaeological work to locate the graves and any remnants of the Methodist Meeting House.  Should the archaeological work completed locate any graves or portions of structures, a new site design will be required to provide wide setbacks from whatever is found.
  • Request that conditions are written on any land use application that No Occupancy of any building be granted on the proposed development site until the Monument with some associated parking and access paths is completed and ready for viewing.

By signing this petition you will be counted as supporting the statements and positions above and we will keep you informed as we move ahead.

Watch a video here about the history of the site and more: