Remove 'George' from 3-5 grade reading list for the 2019 Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

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<Update: Both Herrmiston and Cascade school districts have withdrawn from the competition due to the inappropriate nature of 'George'>

The Oregon Battle of the Books included the book 'George' by Alex Gino in the list of books for the 2019 OBOB for grades 3-5 (8 - 10 year olds)

This book contains content that is inappropriate for young children. It exposes children to the idea that pornography is pervasive and normal. It discusses male genitalia, sex change operations, and how to hide web-browsing history from parents. 

Most importantly, it introduces and attempts to normalize the idea that people can change gender freely, that it has nothing to do with your biological sex, physical makeup, or chromosomes. These are ideas that 8 year olds shouldn't be encouraged to cope with, especially without parental involvement.

This is not a subject appropriate for young children, and feels like a deliberate agenda.

Hermiston school district recently withdrew from the contest due to this controversial title. Many other families that love books and love the battle of the books will withdraw because of this text. The inclusion of this title ensures that teams that include children from families which disagree with the premise of the book will be at a distinct disadvantage in the competition and erode the quality of the competition. 

Remove the book. There are many other worthwhile quality books that will not prompt families and children to withdraw from the competion. Please replace 'George'.