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Change the name of Robert E. Lee Middle School immediately

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As a veteran who lives in Lee Middle School's attendance zone, I am disheartened and offended whenever I pass by this school. Robert E. Lee was one of the key military leaders in the racist Confederacy's illegal insurgency against the U.S. Government. His actions in defense of treason and slavery directly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of loyal Americans of all colors including many from right here in Florida. Why does he deserve to be honored by having a public school (a school that happens to be ~60% African-American in student composition!) named for him? He doesn't.  

Robert E. Lee Middle School (along with Stonewall Jackson Middle School) was so named in 1956 in response to enforced integration in the state of Florida post Brown v. Board of Education. The intent of the school board then was racist and in opposition to equality and diversity. As an educator myself, I can't fathom why Orlando's Black middle school students are still being forced to attend a school named in "honor" of a man who fought heart and soul to defend their ancestors' continued enslavement.

This divisive name continues to be really just a racist coded message that Orlando shouldn't abide sending to it's youngest and most impressionable citizens into the 21st century. Let's change the name to something that will inspire these students and make them all feel included in the American dream.

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