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Help keep Shauna Cards killer, Jimmy Bedoya in prison for life.

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Shauna was an amazing,  bubbly, and thriving 17 year old girl. Her killer Jimmy Bedoya stabbed her over 75 times and left her for her mother to find her in her bathroom with her body weight up against the door us to protect herself from that monster. This past January the Supreme Court of Florida passed a law for it not to be formidable for a minor to receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Jimmy Bedoya has the opportunity to get out of prison and seven years because he was 17 years old at the time of the crime. He will go before the judge and plea case to which the judge may say indeed that he will be out of prison in 7 years as opposed to life without parole. it is not enough that the family and friends have to suffer the 23 years of being unsettled and Shauna not being able to rest and total peace but it's another for him to go and plead his case before a judge and actually have the opportunity to get out of prison. Jimmy Bedoya has sat in court and never confessed, he smirks. Has never expressed remorse, he's laughed even. And he actually has a chance to walk sooner because of this law. May God have mercy on his soul. I want karma to take this wheel. Because I truly hope he is haunted by her every night. Shauna was my friend and if you knew her, the details are chilling for such a beautiful gentle baby soul. Let's all band together and want what is RIGHT and let karma and the judge has enough sense to see his terrible soul is given a merciless sentence. Please sign this petition and hopes to present it to the courts on January 18th to see that we have never forgotten about Shauna and what Jimmy had done to her. And he deserves the sentence that was given to him to withhold and stand regardless of whatever law was passed.


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