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Defund The Orange County Human Relations Council (OCHRC)

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We urge the Orange County Board of Supervisors to defund and separate the non-profit Orange County Human Relations Council (OCHRC) from the government run Orange County Human Relations Commission.  The two groups currently share executive members, web-site and funding.  Even if the The OCHRC were doing a wonderful job it is remains HIGHLY inappropriate for a non-profit group that answers to its leaders and donors to be entangled with the similarly named government Commission.  The Commission must answer to the Board of Supervisors and ultimately to the voters.  The Council has no such mandate and therefore the current relationship and funding of the Council usurps the power of the people.

To make matters worse the Council is not doing a fair and unbiased job.  Ironically, the Council itself has been a source of bigotry in Orange County.  As one example, the Council has consistently refused to intervene on matters promoted by certain local extremist organizations including The Muslim Student's Union and the Student's for Justice in Palestine, both at UC Irvine.  These groups have committed a series of hate crimes/incidents that have been documented in national and international newspapers as well as the local paper of record, the Orange County Register.  One incident included a 2011 conviction by the Orange County DA for illegally disrupting a public meeting held by Christian and Jewish Students.  How is it possible that the local DA can convict a group for bias-inspired crimes, yet the Council remained silent on this issue (and all similar incidents through the years).  The latest bias-based disruption by these groups occurred just a few weeks ago on May 10, 2017 (video).  As seen in the video, the group proudly admits to disrupting this event even though such disruptions are a violation of California Penal Code 403.  Extremists groups are entitled to express their opinion.  However, California Penal Code 403 makes it illegal for them to prevent others from expressing theirs.  Again the Council was silent when this crime was committed against Christians, Jews and any American who wanted to take part in these events.

The FBI has determined that anti-Semitic hate crimes are the number 1 hate crime committed against any religious group and UC Irvine itself has determined that Jewish students are the most aggrieved students on their campus, yet the Council remains silent year after year (UCI report, page 64).  In contrast, the Council has been outspoken on many other issues involving other groups.  By definition, bigotry is the act of treating one group differently than others. The OCHRC has thus acted with bias and bigotry.

As another example, in 2011 the Council awarded Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi it's "Community Leader Award".  Siddiqui is an Imam at the local Garden Grove Mosque that radicalized Orange County's home grown terrorist Adam Gadahn and Siddiqui invited the Blind Sheik to preach Jihad at his mosque in Orange County. The Blind Sheikh was a close associate of Osama bin Laden, was involved in the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and was convicted in the World Trade Center Bombings.

It is incomprehensible that certain members of the OC Board of Supervisors, including Todd Spitzer, could propose $756,000 in funding to an organization that usurps voter authority and gives awards to individuals who murder US citizens in the name of religion.

We urge The Orange County Board of Supervisors to immediately defund and divest from the The Orange County Human Relations Council.

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