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Ask Oprah to denounce UGG boots

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Today, along with the usual horrors of the day posted on Facebook I see these days, I saw yet another animal abuse video, this one showed sheep being brutalized, kicked, thrown and killed, all for the production of those warm, comfy boots, Uggs.

These kind of ugly boots have been around for a while but were made really popular on Oprah's Favorite Things List in 2003. Sadly, the sheep in the care of Uggs brand are horribly abused, mistreated and harmed during shearing, then murdered instead of perhaps going to a rescue or sanctuary. This has to stop! I can't stand by as animals suffer for the sake of this awful boot! Companies, corporations and people that enable, excuse, encourage or support animal abuse MUST be stopped, and who better to help that along than the inspiring woman who has done so much good in the world and yet started this particular trend in the first place?

Oprah, we need your help, will your voice speak for the animals? I noticed Uggs made a spot on your Favorite Things List in 2015 again, this troubles me, we must take a stand against animal abuse together.

Oprah, we need your voice, you have so much influence and these animals are bleating away into the abyss where nobody hears them and no one cares.

I care, and Oprah, so do we. We know you do too! We ask that you denounce the UGG brand and take a stand against animal cruelty today! This isn't about jumping on some frenzied animal protection bandwagon, this is about taking responsibility. The company you endorse hurts innocent beings who can't defend themselves, escape or ask for help. Please Oprah, think of how many people you touch every day, how your words have power and how many sheep could be affected. If people listen to you and protest the UGG brand, we could all be helping to make a positive impact for the animals we must protect!

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