OpposeTruck Stop at I-80 and Briggs Rd.

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Oppose planned truck stop at I-80 and Briggs Rd.

The City of Joliet is planning to annex township land into the city to allow Love’s to build a truck stop.

Here are the facts:

•Increased truck traffic.  They are anticipating 600 trucks daily at the proposed Love’s Truck Stop.
•Declining land values
•Increased crime (prostitution and the increased risk of human trafficking)
•Decreased safety-East Joliet Fire Department, who oppose the project, said at a recent meeting that increased truck traffic would make it nearly impossible for them to respond to emergency calls north of the overpass (Ingalls Park area)
•Increased truck traffic would mean crumbling roads and there are no plans to improve the bridge or exit/entrance ramps.

What you can do to stop this from happening. 

•Attend the City of Joliet meeting at City Hall on August 16th and voice your opposition.
Call your city officials or township officials and tell them to oppose this!

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