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We Oppose a NYWW "Maritime Port" at Hoboken's Union Dry Dock

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WE OPPOSE NY Waterway’s proposed homeport facility at Union Dry Dock (UDD) within 200 feet of Stevens Institute, Castle Point and Maxwell Place Residents, Apple Montessori School, Hoboken Cove Boathouse and numerous community parks.

Without full disclosure to the City of Hoboken, NYWW (d/b/a NY Waterway) purchased the 8-acre UDD property and plans to own and operate an industrial facility for repair, maintenance, refueling and hazardous materials storage within 200 feet of residential, preschools, public parks and an historic community boat club it shares with Hoboken Cove.  
(Block 259, Lot 1, 901 Sinatra Drive, City of Hoboken, Hudson County).

WE DEMAND: NY Waterway and NJ Transit abandon plans for the Union Dry Dock property and work with our state and local government officials to find a safe,  appropriate alternative location for a ferry home port in a rational and transparent public process including public hearings. The NJDEP is responsible for protecting the water and land use of Hudson River 18-mile Waterfront Walkway at Hoboken

WE BELIEVE: the proposed NYWW "home port" at UDD would have substantial adverse impacts on the Hoboken Community such as:

  • Industrialization of Hoboken’s Waterfront: The NYWW plans are incompatible with Hoboken’s continued vision of a publicly accessible waterfront — with public parks, fishing piers, bike paths, walkways and thousands of residential units forming a solid waterfront community. It has long been the hope that UDD would become the capstone parcel to complete Hoboken’s portion of the 18-mile Hudson River Waterfront Walkway
    (N.J.A.C. 7:7-9.46, Hudson River Waterfront Area)
  • Community Health Issues: Increased 24/7 operations activities including, diesel gas refueling and repairs could have a significant negative impact on the local environment with air- and water-borne toxic materials of great concern for school children and residents living within 200 feet of UDD site
  • Negative Environmental Impact on The Hudson River Estuary:
    With a marked increase in home port operations activities including, refueling of diesel gas, oil and repairs could have a significant negative impact on “Critical Wildlife Habitats, and Endangered or Threatened Species Habitats” adjacent to UDD and in the Hudson estuary.  (The NYWW and NJDEP is claiming the site is “exempt” from EIS studies (NJDEP has provided expied 1982 studies) so even its current status is unknown.
  • Site Security Concerns: On-site storage of "dangerous cargo" and flammable materials used for maintenance and stored onsite pose potential security and safety concerns to community 
  • Waterfront Safety Concerns:  Ferry traffic would routinely cross burgeoning recreational activity — from Weehawken Cove to Jersey City — and would imperil kayakers, standup paddlers and outriggers. Hoboken Cove Boathouse operates community clinics and is located at the UDD site. In 2016, a NYWW ferry collided with a group of 9 kayakers, critically injuring two
  • Traffic Congestion and Safety: Lacking public transportation connections, a home port at the site would increase commercial traffic on congested Sinatra Drive, recently configured for the safety of runners, bikers and pedestrians. 

HOBOKEN RESIDENTS for a PUBLIC WATERFRONT iis a public advocacy group dedicated to preservation of the waterfront as open space for the entire Hudson River community

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