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Oppose National Hunting and Fishing day - Request National Animal Activism day

The Obama Administration has declared Sep. 26th as "National Hunting and Fishing day".

Sign this petition to tell them how WRONG this is and request a national holiday in support of animal activism instead.

Letter to
The President of the United States
I am writing to request that you re-consider this decision to declare a "National Hunting and Fishing Day" . I am appalled at this action. If this reflected the values (or, in this case lack thereof) of the American people John McCain, with his wildlife-hating, pro-hunting V.P. candidate would have won by a landslide. Instead, we elected the administration pretending to share the progressive values of the people.

This administration was elected on the pretense of bringing change - for the better. I do not see any way the celebration of blood sports betters our nation. Hunting and fishing are cruel sports, - nothing more than legalized murder.

The disregard for life, celebration of killing, and exploitation of animals is not something we should be celebrating. It is downright shameful to the moral and ethical citizens of this nation.
Furthermore, this action sends a very disturbing message to the world, as well as the citizens of the United States (including, most importantly impressionable children). This says that we are a backwards nation of murderers, with no respect for nature and no appreciation for animal rights, or the preservation of wildlife.

Please consider instead, or ( at the VERY LEAST) also - declare a national animal activism day. You need to acknowledge and respect the fact that United States citizens have moral and ethical values, and DO understand the importance of life. We need a day when our children can be taught to love nature and respect animals, rather than being taught that it is all fun and games to take another life.

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