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Open membership to The American Legion

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Letter Of Redress
American Legion Membership Codex Revision

The American Legion, over 2.4 million strong, with 14,000 posts worldwide, all sworn and dedicated to help fellow veterans. We Legionaries have done a most superlative and commendable job throughout our illustrious history in helping all American veterans in need. Our aid and support goes forward without caveats predicated on whether or not they have honorably served our country during time of war or served our country in time of peace. All have written and signed that blank check to America; all served and paid the price of and for freedom as was required of us at the time. We are all American veterans.
With our 97th birthday approaching it is well past the time that we, The American Legion, open our doors and membership to these men and women who are worthy enough to be aided and helped by us, but through legislation still barred from formally joining our organization based on principals and rules drafted to accommodate veterans who served in the war to end all wars.
In a time when it is getting exponentially more difficult to bring in new members, we are sorely losing members through attrition and as a consequence, local community posts.
It is just and timely to recognize on parity the millions of service men and women who have served outside the American Legions antiquated membership requirements. Their service in peace time as a ready military was just as vital to the safety of our great land as was a war time military.
Even during war the majority of our military never set boots on foreign soil yet still played a crucial support role.
Whether inducted as regular members or designated as a new tertiary branch such as The Women’s Auxiliary and The Sons of The Legion who have proven themselves to be a most important and integral addendum to and of The American Legion, all our fellow veterans should be welcomed with all appurtenances appreciated by sanctioned regular members. We need them, they need us!
The millions of disenfranchised men and women would do no less good than the S.A.L or The W.A. by increasing our membership, our votes, and our capabilities to aid and abet each other
We are 2.4 million strong, we are the vanguard and we have a very loud voice that speaks eloquently to the needs of all veterans. Thus, I reach out to all Commanders, officers, Legionnaires, veterans, families and friends of veterans to take up this most worthy cause; a cause that will serve us well to preserve and increase our organization, a cause that will not let any veteran be made insignificant or unappreciated.
Through the chain of command, your help and signatures, this petition will be forwarded for action, ratification and resolution to The National American Legion Headquarters, to all US Congressmen, US Senators et al. Please endorse this proposal, include your name, email and any corroborating comments that would aid in our cause and then forward to your membership and other posts and all none member veterans and friends for their support and signatures.



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