Open Letter to Austin FC regarding Supporters Groups

Open Letter to Austin FC regarding Supporters Groups

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Started by Fans ATXFC

To Austin FC, Anthony Precourt, Andy Loughnane, Josh Wolff, Cecilio Domínguez, Major League Soccer

It has come to our attention that in attempts to bring awareness to issues of domestic violence, the major supporters groups (SGs) of Austin FC released a message including the expression of no longer being able to support Austin FC Forward Cecilio Domínguez. Additionally, SGs organized a moment of silence during the match on Sun May 8th which lasted approximately ten minutes, beginning at the match’s 10-minute mark. Suspected to coincide with Cecilio Domínguezs jersey number.

As fans of Austin FC, we hereby send this open letter to express our views and wishes on the matter. 

We trust and believe wholeheartedly that Austin FC and the MLS acted swiftly and effectively in the investigation involving Cecilio Domínguez and in the outcome and effects of that investigation. Considering Cecilio has been cleared to participate in club activities once again, we offer our continued support to him and the club moving forward. 

As such, while we understand further discipline of Cecilio is no longer possible, we express that we do not agree with calls asking for such. Nor do we agree with any public displays having to do with the surrounding situation tied to Cecilio. We are of the opinion that the SGs have overstepped their participation in the matter both with their messaging and public displays. While we support the right to free speech, we do not support these SGs continuing to get special treatment from the club while they are quick to negatively judge and question private and internal matters involving the club and its players. 

Additionally, we would like to bring it to the club’s attention that we do not support the treatment that fans of Austin FC have been receiving from individual members of the SGs both in online and offline environments. Multiple fans have expressed moments of bullying, communicative abuse, and similar treatment both on social media sites, such as, and the Los Verdes Slack channel. These expressions are not limited to this particular situation and extend beyond periods of the last week. We recognize it is not the club’s responsibility to police such matters, but we request that the club reconsider its relationship with the current SGs so long as this behavior is present. We invite SG leaderships to reach out to us to begin open communication involving these matters. 

We are of the opinion that the current SGs have too much of a controlling voice when it comes to matters involving the club and current SGs. We ask for the club to open discussions on allowing representatives of the general fanbase to be engaged and heard in matters when appropriate. Particularly situations where special treatment for a SG is being considered that may affect the fanbase as a whole. 

Lastly, we would like to show our support to the SGs’ cause regarding domestic violence. We agree there is no place for such in our game, club, and community. We also respect due process and treat any involvement fairly. 

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We are all Verde,
Signed fans of Austin FC


66 have signed. Let’s get to 100!