Postpone Decision on Cancellation of 2020 OUA Athletics Season

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The OUA has cancelled all athletics until December 31st, 2020. This decision was made 13 weeks before the start of the season and many student-athletes believe that is premature. Around the globe countries that have been significantly more impacted than Canada by COVID-19 are opening up sports at the professional, collegiate, and amateur level. The goal of this petition is to get the OUA to reconsider their decision to cancel athletics at a date closer to the start of the season when more data and information is available from Ontario Public Health. Athletics are an essential part of thousands of student-athletes lives in the province and it would be a shame to see a season cancelled due to a panicked, premature decision.

Sports not only provide student-athletes with fulfillment and physical benefits, but they are also essential to supporting mental health and teaching student-athletes valuable life skills. Student-athletes not only graduate at a higher rate; they graduate with higher marks, have a higher chance of getting a job post-graduation, and are more involved in their communities. Each athlete experiences thousands of other benefits from sport that are at risk of being removed.

Ultimately, I hope in a few months when every professional, amateur, and collegiate sporting organization in the world is playing their favourite sport, the OUA can look back and be proud of the decision they made and the lives they impacted.


Student-Athletes Across Ontario