Shut Down Doogan's Pet Store

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Hi, my name is Brittany and I have recently visited Doogan's Pet Store located on Broadway in Orangeville, Ontario. I have created this petition because their 12 puppies - 6 golden retrievers and 6 mixed bred poodles - are being held in inhumane conditions. The 6 retrievers are in a large glass box that only consist of a water dish and newspaper for their waste. The water dish was not replenished unless an associate was advised. The associates also admitted that the puppies were all overdue for a bath and that some of the golden retrievers had feces stuck to their fur. The mix bred poodles are being kept in smaller glass boxes with no food dishes as well and with no light so it is dark for them 24/7. I am making this petition so these animals who do not have a voice, are heard. Please sign this petition so Doogan's Pet Store can either be shut down for good or their license for selling animals can be revoked.