Bring Quebec's Bill 54 to Ontario & expand it to incl. wildlife & animals in captivity.

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Lets change the way the people of Ontario see animals! Quebec views animals as sentient beings and not property and we should too. 

We want the Ontario government to make the following changes;

- Section 445.1 should clearly include unnatural confinement of all animals whether it be zoo/aquarium animals, farm or work animals, entertainment animals and a one slaughter standard. 

- Return all wild animals held captive to sanctuaries until their natural death.

- End animal captivity for any purposes such as entertainment and educational.

- End all animal confinements.

- Make animal farming free range only.

- Reword the Ritual Slaughter Process, and Mechanical Stunning legislations to reflect equal slaughtering. 

- Remove all exemptions for slaughtering the animal before it has been fully incapacitated.

- Expand legislation to include all animals including; exotic animals, wildlife, animals in captivity, marine animals, and work animals.

- End animal captivity in the name of science and stop animal testing.

- Implement licensing for zoo owners across the province.

- End jurisdiction by laws for treatment of animals, make them provincial wide legislations.  

There are many changes that Ontario needs to make in the legislations and regulations of the treatment of animals in the province. We need your help to get on the right track to making the changes! Please take a moment of your day to review some of these suggestions.