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Kidney Disease Care Closer to Home

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Petition to Develop a Regional Kidney Disease Program at Trenton Memorial Hospital.

Access to health care is limited geographically and this petition’s goal is to attempt to correct the inequality of available chronic kidney disease care and end stage renal disease / dialysis care.

In Ontario, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and the Ontario Renal Network (ORN) coordinate the care of patients with kidney disease. The ORN has developed a “hub and spoke” model for the provision of chronic kidney disease and dialysis care. Unfortunately the farther you live from the “hub” the greater the limitations are to achieve equal care.

The Southeast LHIN (SE LHIN) supports a population of approximately 495,000. and is considered the most “rural” LHIN in Southern Ontario. The Quinte area (Belleville, Quinte West, Prince Edward County, North and Central Hastings) represents a catchment population of over 150,000.  According to the SE LHIN’s 2016-2019 Regional Capacity Analysis and Projections, this area has 30538 residents 65 and old. This is the highest number in the entire SE LHIN (even greater than the Kingston area).

In the current structure, patients starting on dialysis are travelling to Kingston (the Hub) for months if not years before they can be transitioned to their “local” satellite unit (Belleville, Picton or Bancroft). Patients interested in a home dialysis also have to be trained and received their follow up out of Kingston.

CCO and the ORN have developed a 2015-2019 Strategic Plan with goals to: empower and support patients and family members to be active in their care; integrate patient care throughout the kidney care journey; and improve patients’ access to kidney care.

While the benchmark for travel by a kidney disease patient is 30 minutes to care or less, over 40% in the SELHIN currently travel more than 30 minutes. Individuals living in the Quinte area have difficulty meeting this benchmark versus the rest of the province where the vast majority of the other LHINs have shorter travel times.

A significant proportion of patients in the SE LHIN do not have the resources to travel frequently or move to the “hub” and therefore elect to NOT pursue treatment of chronic kidney disease or receive dialysis care. We anticipate having a high percentage of kidney disease patients in this area due to the: socio economic climate of the population, lack of primary care; percentage of older citizens, and limited pre-dialysis services available outside of Kingston. More people will decline to pursue treatment.

The goal of this petition is to bring awareness to Cancer Care Ontario and the Ontario Renal Network that the 150,000 residents of the Quinte region want and demand better access to chronic kidney disease and dialysis care. We want the Ontario Renal Network to support the development of a Regional Chronic Kidney Disease Centre at Trenton Memorial Hospital where there is available space.

We want to bring kidney care closer to home for our patients!

We want improved access to kidney care!





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