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Return unused drugs to the Pharmacist

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"About 85 percent of male smallmouth bass collected in national wildlife refuges in the Northeastern U.S. had eggs were growing in their testes. Pollutants that mimic sex hormones are the suspected culprit.” as stated by National Geographic. Endocrine disruption caused by man-made pollutants in natural waters is causing intersex fish in many lakes and rivers around the world. In the last decade, as many as 37 species of fish feminization occured. It has been discovered that even in places with very good environmental reputation, such as Missisquoi river in Canada, which drains into Lake Champlain, intersex fish have been found. This abnormality has been found mostly in watersheds with lots of humans nearby, and where pollutants drain into.

A good example of this is where intersex fish were first discovered in 2003: Chesapeake Bay. If the fish have very severe levels of eggs in their testes, it can impair sperm quality and lower chances of reproduction. This can disrupt and imbalance the food web by changing population numbers, and can devastating consequences. Increasingly, feminized male animals have been found in larger animals like turtles, frogs and alligators, which show the severity and urgency of this problem. Evidence suggests that intersex in fish is the result of exposure to contaminants in the water, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides and herbicides such as atrazine, estrogen from birth control pills, and personal care products. These chemicals mimic and interrupt the normal hormonal processes of the animals.

The major reason that estrogen and atrazine are leaking into natural waters around the world is due to improper disposal of drugs containing such chemicals - such as birth control pills. Instead of flushing aforementioned drugs down the drain (whether that be toilet, sink etc.), they should be returned to the pharmacist, where they will be disposed of properly. The aim of the petition is to raise awareness of this issue, and stop people from disposing of their drugs down the drain and into the rivers and lakes of Canada. 

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