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YES! To the proposed Tottenham No Frills (Ballymore) Plaza, New Tecumseth ON

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We the residents of New Tecumseth, Ontario, and surrounding area are IN SUPPORT of the proposed Official plan and Zoning By-Law amendments by Ballymore Developments (Tottenham) Corporation. Blocks 74 & 75, Plan 51M-1028. Files Nos. Dev 315. OMB File Number: PL160775.  
We the residents are excited and looking forward to the No Frills (Ballymore) Plaza.  
For over five (5) years, the Tottenham Foodland has been the only grocery store in Tottenhamn. When the former IGA moved to the North end of Tottenham and rebranded as Foodland, the space vacated in the Tottenham Mall located at 55 Queen Street South sat leased, but vacant thereby shutting out competition and leaving residents with no alternate grocery option. It is imperative to note there is no public transportation available in New Tecumseth. 
The Tottenham mall for decades, in addition to overall disrepair, has had accessibility issues including, but not limited to no automatic doors on any of the three entrances, two (2)  non-wheelchair accessible restrooms, and a parking lot not easily traveled by any method due to the amount of pot holes.  
It was not until Ballymores 2013 application and the end of the paid vacant lease that the owners of Tottenham Mall decided to fill their grocery store vacancy and/or renovate. Vince’s Market officially signed on to renovate and become a tenant of the Tottenham Mall November 11, 2015.  Vince's Market is scheduled to open early 2017. 
Residents of Tottenham and surrounding area are looking forward to having different grocery options in town. After years of having only one option, we believe all three stores will each offer services and products that are unique to their brand and price points. We believe that all three stores will be well attended by the local residents as well as those in Alliston, Adjala, Beeton, and surrounding areas as there is no No Frills in the municipality. 
These are some quotes from the “Tottenham and New Tecumseth Community Group” Facebook page in SUPPORT of the No Frills (Ballymore) Plaza O.P and Zoning By-law Amendments to construct the plaza: 
 “It would also be a grocery store within easy walking distance for the new subdivisions as well as the older existing subdivision east of the train tracks. The Foodland is easily walkable for those at the north end of town and the new grocery store in the mall will be within walking distance for those at the south end of town. Another grocery store would also be great for jobs, especially for kids since it will be within a walkable distance. Also the Foodland doesn't price match so a No Frills would be terrific for those on a budget.” 
“We need a cheaper grocery store in the area. There are people that can't necessarily travel to other cheaper options. Foodlands prices are expensive but with only one option there isn’t much choice” 
“Beeton needs it too- so further north than the 3rd is appreciated” 
“Currently people are traveling to get to No Frills (Bradford, Angus, Nobleton) and when they go there for No Frills they do other things there too. If there was a No Frills in Tottenham it would help other local businesses as well” 
If you are a resident of Tottenham, New Tecumseth or surrounding area and would like to see the No Frills (Ballymore) plaza open for business please sign the petition and share with friends and family. This petition will be submitted to the Ontario Municipal Board c/o Ryan Co 655 Bay Street Suite 1500 Toronto ON M5G 1E5 for the January 10th 2017 OMB pre-hearing at 10:30am in the Town of New Tecumseth Administration Building located at 10 Wellington Street East, Alliston L9R 1G8 

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