Decision Maker Response

Kathleen Wynne’s response

Jun 29, 2015 — Thank you for taking the time to tell us that consent should be included as a topic in Ontario’s updated Health and Physical Education curriculum through the “We Give Consent” campaign. I would like to commend your hard work and ask that you keep up the important work of talking about why these changes are so critical.

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This is the first time Ontario’s curriculum will include consent. The updated curriculum will teach students that relationships are a two-way street. It is not only one person’s responsibility to “say no”, but it is also the other person’s responsibility to listen and respect individual choices, contribute to positive relationships, and not behave in ways that may cause harm in the first place.

Providing students with the best information about their health and well-being and helping them develop skills will help them make healthy and safe choices. We believe our updated Health and Physical Education curriculum will go a long way to support the success, health, safety and well-being of every student and child in Ontario.

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Thank you,

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario