Lift the Ontario BSL

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Ontario has implemented the Ontario Pitbull Ban. Or the BSL... Do to "pitbull" attacks.. back in 2005.

However, most "pitbull" attacks were not committed by the American Pitbull Terrier, but rather mutts, that may or may not have been mixed with the APBT. The APBT is a non human aggressive dog, according to breed standards.

In fact, most people do not really know what an APBT even looks like. Most people think the APBT is a big robust dog with a big head, and that is very far from the truth.

Further more, after a dog attack, the dog is usually put to sleep, and the owner walks off with a slap on the wrist. And there is something very wrong with this. What people have to understand is that dogs are animals, and they do not think like us humans. They do not plan. So when a dog attacks, it attacks in the moment. And this is very fixable. With the right understanding, and training.

Reasons for dog attack:

Dominance, Fear, Pain, Prey Drive, and of coarse Maternal Instinct. All very controllable with the right training.

That being said, the most accurate way to control dog bites (and you know people will always have dogs), is to educate dog owners, on dog psychology, and dog training, behavior, etc.

I know that the first thing that would cross the mind of a victim of a dog attack is usually to have that dog put down. But the correct thing to do would be to charge the owner of that dog. And I'm not talking about a fine. I mean to criminally charge the owner. For example, if you get hit by a car, do you think the car should be impounded, or would you like to see some charges laid on the driver? The same scenario when a dog attack happens.. If we were to have a very strict law, that targets the owners of dogs which have attacked..., I am sure it would significantly lower dog attack cases. Much more effectively then the BSL...

So in conclusion, I would like to ask the Ontario Government to lift the BSL, as it is ineffective, it breaks up families, and dog bites are actually on the rise. Further more, new laws should be made that target dog owners. Also, we can have licensing for dog ownership, that involve knowledge test, similar to a drivers license, that would in turn create more jobs for Canadians as well as lower dog attacks.

There are people who own very well trained, and well behaved pitbulls, who would maybe like to move back to Ontario, or maybe visit their family in Ontario, but because of BSL, they can't unless they get rid of their pets..., and that is just heartbreaking.

Please sign this petition, to lower dog attack and bring families and friends back together.

Please, let's lift BSL. It does not work. It is unfair, unclear, and makes no sense.