Orillians say NO! to Orillia Power legacy sellout

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People want to stop the sale of Orillia Power Distribution to Hydro One!

Orillia Power is a legacy to Orillian hydro power consumers who are shareholders in the corporation since it's inception in 1898, 120 years ago.  In the year 2000 Orillia council commandeered the shareholder's dividends redirecting the money to City coffers instead of shareholders pockets.  In 2016 Orillia council decided behind closed doors to do an Orillia Power Distribution sellout to Hydro One which is about 50% privatized.

We, the people of Orillia and more, say NO! to the Orillia Power Distribution sellout.  We impeach Orillia council for the total violation of public trust in selling out our legacy behind closed doors without consumer consent.  We demand our dividends.  We also demand the interest we have paid on an artificially created debt where there was no debt:  Orillia Power consumers have paid into City coffers an average of about $3259.26 plus tax from the year 2000 to 2016.   We demand full transparency on the alleged interest of the artificially created debt.

We do not buy into the intimidation tactics Hydro One is using in their attempt to take Orillia Power Distribution.  Orillia Power consumers say NO! to the Orillia Power Distribution sellout to Hydro One.

[This petition will be presented to the Ontario Energy Board  File  EB-2016-0276 in conjunction with a paper petition.]