ODA Fee Guide to include fees to cover PPE costs and new disinfection directives

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The COVID 19 pandemic has forced dentists and their governing bodies to reassess and re-think the way dental treatment is provided. Many directives are coming that will include office reconstruction (including HVAC changes, closing of open concept ops etc), new machinery (external evacuators, air purifiers), HR retraining and the use of PPE for patients and staff. The costs of implementing this will be challenging for most practitioners and will be exacerbated by increased downtime between patients, increased overhead and lower productivity. It is vastly important to have a voice and encourage the ODA to examine the implementation of a per appointment disinfection/PPE charge to help offset the high costs dentists cannot afford to absorb in the post COVID world. Our hope is to have this worked into the fee guide and, ultimately, basic fees covered by insurance carriers.