OCT to publicly apologize and take a stance in support of LGBTQ2S

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Ontario College of Teachers @oeeo_OCT has published a discriminatory letter by a member without taking a stance as an organization representing Ontario educators. After numerous posted concerns and letters to OCT,  OCT posted the following:

"We publish letters to the editor that reflect member feedback both positive and negative. However, the views expressed belong to the authors and do not necessarily represent the College’s position."

By publishing this letter, OCT re-affirmed the hateful stance again LGBTQ2S students, educators and families. It is a shameful act on OCTs part, a publication which meant to reflect the high standards and ethics of our teaching profession. 

The college has failed to represent us and our collective Ontario human rights values. This is unacceptable. We call for a public apology and for the College to make a clear stance on matters related to LGBTQ2S.