Stop the PROPOSED changes from the Ontario Professional Foresters Association!

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The proposed changes would drastically change the way arborists do their jobs.
To perform daily tasks, certified arborists would have to be supervised by a member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association (OPFA), join the OPFA, or run the risk of being prosecuted. This regulatory burden would add an unnecessary layer of cost and complexity to our work and diminish public confidence in our profession. This is the last thing any small business needs, especially in these difficult times.

The proposed changes would give OPFA jurisdiction over all residential, commercial and rural properties where we currently provide arboricultural services. 

Taking the certified arborist exemption out of the regulation would also impact municipalities in Ontario that currently have well-qualified certified arborists on staff. 
These people would be at risk of losing their jobs as their municipalities would have to choose between replacing them with an RPF or municipalities having to incur greater costs to hire an RPF to oversee the work of their arborist.  These additional costs are not in the best interest of the public.

The proposed changes to the Regulation are an attempt to have the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry collude with OPFA in the restriction of fair competition for jobs and contracts, providing an exclusive advantage for OPFA members. This is contrary to the best interests of the public and the urban forest.

The OPFA proposed changes affect everyone in our industry:
ISA Certified Arborists
Ontario qualified arborists
and others ...