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When Do You Know It’s Time To Go and See a Therapist?

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When you are feeling depressed and down for reasons that you are not sure about or being stressed by conflicting thoughts unable to decide, it is not that you alone who experiences such phases in life.  You appear to be confused and unable to come out from the vicious cycle of mental agony. With the kind of stressful lives that we experience nowadays, it is hard to stay away from such syndrome. At such moments of agony and despair, you need someone to hold your hand and show the way towards relief and remedy. However, the irony is that you are unable to realise it. How you would know that it is time to consult a therapist has been discussed in this article.

Experiencing extreme mood swings accompanied by intense emotions
Mood is what inspires us or can even drive us towards despair. If you are experiencing extreme mood swings and intense emotions that you find hard to control it affects your normal functioning in daily life. You are low on energy and do not find life interesting any more. You sulk and get confined within yourself. Your concentration is affected and you lose your natural abilities to perform your tasks. These are clear signs that you should reach out for a therapist.

Others have observed the changes in you
The changes in your mental state are hardly felt by you and you never realise the negative impact that it is having on your life. If you are experiencing difficulty in relationships and tend to get isolated it is most likely that the changes in your behavior are noticed by others (near and dear ones) who interact with you. Listen to what others have to say about you and accept it in good spirit and think about going to a therapist.

Overpowered by grief
Grief is part of life and you have to be able to cope with it. Even if you hit a low, you need to have the mental strength to bounce back. It can take some time, but is very much possible. However, if you are struck down with grief and unable to recover from it for days, then surely you need metal support that only a therapist can provide. Even if you develop an escapist attitude to stay away from it, it can affect your daily life negatively.

When all other means have failed
If you have tried many things to overcome anxiety and stress but have got no results, lose no more time but visit a therapist. Self help in such situations work well only for the strong minded and getting no results show that external help is necessary.

You start using substances for altering mood
The problem with self help in fighting stress and anxiety is that it can finally push you towards using substances that can temporarily elevate your mood. The danger is that you can get addicted to it. Before it happens, seek out for a therapist to show you the right way of living a stress free life.





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