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Online TCM Symptoms Checker – New Medical Diagnosis Method

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 The human body is a biological entity so that local physiological or pathological changes can affect the whole body. Apparently, the most advanced we will be, the more complicated and difficult to treat our diseases. Although the western medicine has dominated the various preventive, diagnostic and clinical methods; however, they do not guarantee that the suggestion or treatment you are getting is 100% correct and have various serious adverse effects too.  That's why people are nowadays looking for more convenient and alternative approach towards diagnosis and treatment of their illness.

As in other areas of medicine, diagnostic methods in traditional Chinese medicine also include four basic methods: inspection, palpation, auscultation and physical examination. The patient history and sign and symptoms obtained by these four basic diagnostic procedures are analyzed and summarized to find the nature, cause and relationship of the disease, and provide evidence for a stronger differentiation of symptoms. These four diagnostic procedures are therefore necessary and indispensable steps in the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Going for self-diagnosis is surely not a good idea as due to lack of professional knowledge and skills you may end up with the wrong diagnosis and therefore bad treatment. But what to do when you are not a resident of China, do not have direct access to Chinese medicine specialist and just cannot travel all the way to China to let your disease diagnosed and cured.

The Internet is so far the best option to check for your symptoms and to overcome certain barriers like language, region and finance. If you are seeking a more efficient and convenient way of diagnosing and treating yourself regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine or just as to get a little guide before a professional doctor visit, we are proud to present you our advanced and highly specific online medical symptom checker, the “TCM clinic online". It is the best way to get yourself diagnosed quickly and efficiently.

Chinese medical clinic takes a different approach. Our symptom checker is an interactive program that allows users to type in the pains, aches, pains and irritations (symptoms) they are experiencing in the various parts or organs of the body. Rather than a single answer, it provides the lists of most probable diagnoses that are ranked in order of how likely our software algorithm believes it matches up to the information provided.

The mechanics of our system is very simple: sign up on the website, select the constitution list in which your symptoms fall and respond to our questionnaire. Our system is designed to ask simple questionnaire for patients and work in close collaboration with the information provided to make sure the most accurate result. We wanted it to feel as simple and convenient as it would if you were in front of a doctor.

For the first time, you will be given access to a very sophisticated medical diagnostic tool, which is much more powerful than previously symptoms checkers. With the latest search technology, our system can take a pattern of symptoms in both Chinese and English languages and immediately calculated from our extensive database of 6,000 diseases!

Our system is based on the same system relied on by physicians and nurses from around the world to help with the diagnosis and is acknowledged as the undisputed and definite leader in TCM diagnostic field. It puts the vast medical knowledge of the world at your fingertips and allows you to make sense of your symptoms. Believe it or not, it is going to change the way you talk to your doctor forever.

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