OnePlus please prioritize fixing Camera2API implementation in upcoming updates.

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We would appreciate it if the OnePlus development team would concentrate their time and efforts towards fixing the camera2API implementation in the development of the OnePlus 5/5T in the upcoming beta builds of Oxygen OS. OnePlus 5 and 5t owners have been asking for a compatibility fix ever since issues were discovered in the usage of camera2API using third party camera applications, and it is possibly the most requested bug fix from OnePlus 5 and 5t users. In the "Open ears forum: Camera", there was a statement made by OnePlus to "Fix compatibility issues with third party camera apps". It has been 3 months since this statement and there has been no change. We simply ask that OnePlus prioritize this issue as it effects any person that uses third party camera applications which is a majority of OnePlus 5 and 5t users. The OnePlus company philosophy is supposed to be about its community and is centered around listening to it's customers, but despite all of the threads asking for this fix in the OnePlus official forums, no change was ever mentioned or spoken of.
So it's time to make a change, sign this petition to support the cause, and let's hope that OnePlus stands by their promise of listening to their customers. Thank you

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