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Kill The Trade That Kills Them

P.S. 316  fourth grade students in Brooklyn N.Y has partnered with One Planet Education to study the African Elephant and Rhino. As a community we are concerned about the life span of these animals and if our children will be able to see them.

The greatest threat to the African Elephant, and the African Rhino is the human population.  The population of these species have been reduced to its current level because of hunting. The growing demand for ivory especially in Asia, has led to a surge in poaching. The African Rhinos are hunted for their horns poachers kill rhinos for the price, they can get for their horns (theses horns are used for traditional Chinese medicine, or for high-status gifts in Vietnam, Japan and China) 

A booming Chinese middle class with a desire for ivory, crippling poverty in Africa, and a weak and corrupt law enforcement, has made it easier for poaching to thrive in these countries.

 •  Elephants, and rhinos are “keystone species.” Consequentially, their disappearance would be catastrophic for their local ecosystems.   The presence of African elephants and The African Rhino helps to maintain suitable habitats for many other species. In central African forests, up to 30 percent of tree species may require elephants and rhinos to help with dispersal and germination.  They are nature’s gardeners.

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