Ask Costco to Stop Selling Lilydale Chickens and Eggs

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Sofina Foods, which owns Lilydale, has farms in which laying chickens are buried up to their necks in feces.  Disturbing video was shown on the news June 26.  The birds were left to drown in excrement or die of thirst or starvation as they could not move.  Dead, rotting chickens were in cages with live chickens.  The images were very hard to view.  This is only the latest reported abuse at a Sofina/Lilydale farm.  Last year, workers were videoed ripping live birds apart. There is no excuse for this kind of cruelty.  

Maybe this company only cares about profits.  Please help them realize that this kind of animal abuse will affect their profits.

Costco sells Lilydale  brand chicken and eggs.  Please sign this petition to tell Costco you will no longer buy their chicken if they continue to support a company that has repeatedly shown so little regard for the animals in it's care.