Free Nader Moursi

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My name is Yasmin Abdul Maguid Moursi and i’m writing this because i don’t see my father since 1 year and half. He is an engineer that was working in Oman since three years. Everything started when on December 2016 the Italian Company, who was working for, named Maire Tecnimont and Mr. Mohammed Al Said took his passport unjustly to let that he leave his working commission of 850.000 US dollars. From that moment he never had his passport back. They are playing with his and our life also with  Sheikh Nasser Bin Mohammed Al Hashar, the General Abdullah Al Ghelani, Mr. Ayman Hilal and Mr. Said Al Badaei. They all want that my dad doesn’t speak because he knows too much about their dirty affairs, infact they stole all of his documents, phones and Ipad. Now he is detained in Oman without any accuse proved because all the documents that they have against him are signed under threats that he received because they had his passport. I’m writing this because Mom and I are worried about his health because he is under torture about this people that want him dead, he started to not eat and drink, but they forgot that he has a family that loves him and KNOWS everything with all the documents that we have. We need that someone helps us and take him back home here in Italy. We lived in Oman for  three years and we love the Country and we trust the Omani justice but this people are ruing our life. This is an abuse of power for personal interests, because my dad bring a lot of projects and without him they don’t know how to make them possible. We need help, he was giving his contribute to develop the Omani economy bringing various projects. Is this correct? Last thing, we have been to the Farnesina, Palace Office in Muscat, Italian Embassy in Muscat, Egyptian Embassy in Muscat and Rome, Omani Embassy in Rome, Polizia di Stato and Carabinieri; everyone knows about this story but it’s time to stop this #unjustice.                                                   Thank you #Oman #muscat #mascate #sohar #humanrights #unjustice #sultanqaboos