Help my old uncle get the justice he is being denied!!!

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My uncle "Mr Brij Bhushan Singh" is a retired engineer who dedicated his whole life to the service to the public. He currently lives in Timakiya - a small village near Meerut. He is in distress today because of a framed case against him and indifference of the authority.

My uncle is 73 years old now and is suffering from chronic diabetes and heart disorder. He is a kind and straightforward man who chose to spend his retirement age in his village at peace. He helps villagers time and again in their legal and official matters. 

Trouble started when my uncle submitted a formal complaint regarding the illegal occupation of his property by Mr Dheeraj Punia - resident of the same village. Mr Dheeraj has strong connections with the SHO(Station House Officer) - Mr PC Sharma of the concerned police station and believed he could easily get away with this.

My uncle chose to fight "legally" for his right and requested the revenue authority formally to evaluate the property sizes and settle the matter peacefully. However, the revenue inspector was not able to perform his duties since the SHO denied to provide the necessary support and resources. The RI has launched a formal complaint in this regard against the SHO. The inaction of the police encouraged the opposing party who then intruded my uncle's place and vandalised his car and property. The intent was to frighten him to withdraw his complaint.

Mr PC Sharma(SHO) has close connections with the opposing party and is prejudiced in this investigation. To our understanding, he is hand in hand with the opposing party and has monetary arrangements with them in their other businesses as well.

My uncle has always believed in the power of law and justice. If the custodians of law and order start to use the law as a tool of oppression, then what kind of society are we living in? I am no lawyer, but it only takes to be a human being to understand that justice can only prevail if the custodians of law are unprejudiced.

I ask for justice for my uncle - which can only be granted with a fair officer. My request is to assign a new officer to this case asap and to launch an investigation to find the nexus between Mr PC Sharma and Mr Dheeraj.

Case Details: # 518/18 - in Thana Jani, Meerut

On behalf of my uncle, who wants to spend his last few years in peace, I request everyone to sign this petition.