Stop OLX from Posting Animal Sales Ads

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Thousands of animals like dogs, cats and rabbits are abandoned and left without homes.  

Local shelters like PAWS and CARA are filled to the brim with dogs and cats.  Rabbits don't even have shelters.  And yet everyday, our rabbit pages / groups gets messages from people wanting to give up their rabbits.  It is exceedingly difficult to get enough responsible people to adopt these animals. 

The root cause of all this animal overpopulation and homelessness is breeding and selling.  If we stop the breeding and selling of animals, the situation will get better.  

OLX is the top website / app platform for peer to peer selling.  If OLX stops all ads for animal sales, it will remove a major platform for animal exploitation.  It will also earn the respect of all animal lovers.

Please help thousands of animals with this one move. Think about your own pets and how this will help others just like them. 

 For the readers, please do two things to help:

1) Sign and share this petition multiple times

2) Send notes to @OLXPH in FB and ask the chat representative multiple times in your own words why selling animals harms animals.  Make them understand. 

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