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Olivia Butler

Mr. Shultz

Earth Environmental Sciences

25 May 2018

Save the Whales

Whales are being hunted and are now going extinct. Commercial whaling is a very big problem in the world today. The three major threats to whales are ship strikes, climate change, and entanglement. I hope with this petition I can educated people about the extinction of whales. So people know how to help and even why it is a problem. My goal with this project is to get ten signatures on my petition to help save the whales.

Why are the whales going extinct? Whales are going extinct from four sources, ship strikes, climate change, and entanglement. Ship Strikes are the least dangerous threat to whales, yet still a threat. Ship strikes are collisions between vessels and whales. Collisions with large vessels often go unnoticed and unreported. Serious and even fatal injuries to passengers have occurred involving hydrofoil ferries, whale watching vessels and recreational craft. The second threat is climate change. The effects of Climate Change may be some of the biggest threats facing whales today. The climate is changing fast, so fast that whales may be unable to adapt. Changes in sea temperature, freshening of seawater, acidification, sea level rise, loss of icy polar habitats and the decline of food sources are all that affect whales.

What will happen if all the whales go extinct? Whales are vital to sustaining healthy marine life by regulating the food flow of the ocean. They are a key part of the ocean and play a key part the energy flow and biological pump of the overall marine life. An example is the blue whale. One of these large mammals consume a whopping 40 million krill in one day so you can imagine what the consequences will be if these species become extinct. The dead body of a whale is also significant in the ocean. When a whale dies, it's multiple tonne body will drop down to the ocean floor and be a great food source to all the sea creatures in the lower depths of the waters. Believe it or not, whale poop also serves quite an important purpose to the ecosystem. If whales go extinct many bad things could happen. This is why I want to help them.

What can we do to help? There are five main ways to help save the whales. The first is to adopt a whale. Adopting a whale is not what it sounds like. I don’t think there is a big enough bathtub to hold a whale. Luckily, this is a symbolic adoption to help save the whales. The second and most important way to help is to take action. Make a petition or send an email to our government leaders. The third is to stay informed. If you can stay  informed and even inform more people then you will know what to do in an import situation. The fourth way is to speak up for the wildlife. If a whale is in need don’t just disregard the situation, do something to help. The fifth and final way to help is to become a wildlife defender.

The importance in saving whales is so critical. Whales are such beautiful creatures that need our help to stay alive. All people need to be empowered and know that their actions can promote change. Education is the key to saving whales, oceans, and ourselves. Beyond the moral obligation that, as we are responsible for much of the decline in different whale populations, we should also be responsible for bringing whale numbers back up to a healthy level, whales play an important role in ocean ecosystems. Whales have such an important role to play in nutrient cycling. This is my way to try and help save the whales, you can help to.