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Save Old Bridge EMS

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Old Bridge residents:
As I’m sure some of you know based on my previous posts/comments I am an EMT in town.

I am asking that you take a couple of minutes and read below as this affects all Old Bridge residents.

How well do you know the operations of the Emergency Medical Services in town? Did you know the current township administration is attempting to “fix” an unbroken system that would affect you getting an ambulance in a timely manner?
The township has 5 volunteer EMS agencies that provide you ambulance coverage at NO COST from 6pm to 6am. These squads are located throughout the township. They include Old Bridge First Aid & Rescue Squad, Central Old Bridge EMS, Cheesequake First Aid, Laurence Harbor First Aid and Madison Park First Aid.

Old Bridge Township EMS (OBTEMS) is a company that is contracted by Old Bridge Twp to provide EMS coverage 7 days a week from 6am-6pm. OBTEMS executive board is made up of the 5 volunteer squads. Years ago we took a proactive approach to declining volunteerism and formed OBTEMS. OBTEMS currently operates 3 state licensed ambulances 7 days a week, with per diem EMT’s. Although OBTEMS is only contracted 6am to 6pm, they often pick up extra hours to assist the volunteers in adequately covering the township. OBTEMS does not bill Old Bridge residents. So again, you get an ambulance in little to no time at all, staffed with EMTS, and you never receive a bill for it! OBTEMS will bill your insurance company not you! Oh and did I mention the Director of Operations for OBTEMS does it for FREE.

Did you know that Old Bridge has a minimum of 3 ambulances covering the town at all times? We don’t want our residents waiting for help in a time of need. Apparently the Mayor and business administrator don’t have the same concerns.
The Mayor and his administration decided that instead of fixing real issues in town, they would take a stab at fixing a non-existent issue in our townships EMS system. The administration has just made us aware that they have placed the Old Bridge EMS contract “out to bid”. The award date on the bid would be December 18th. With that being said they would be looking to lay off approx. 30 EMT’s before the holidays. They claim this was advertised since November 30th but we, the EMS providers in town, were made aware of it today 12/4/17. The current EMS system has been in place for 5 years and the current Mayor has done nothing but praise our response times, our professionalism and our work ethic, but now all of a sudden we have an issue?

The best part of the whole bid, is a large percent of it doesn’t make sense for Old Bridge. Want to know why?
The answer is simple, because they copy and pasted a bid between Hillsborough Township and Robertwood Johnson EMS. They were smart enough to change the names from Hillsborough to Old Bridge, but that’s about it.
We, the EMT’s of Old Bridge Township are asking for your help. We want to continue to provide you free coverage, professionally trained EMT’s and appropriate care for anyone sick or injured. Bringing in an outside agency staffed with people who don’t know our township, don’t know our radio operations, our streets, our residents, etc. would be a BIG mistake.

In my years of EMS experience I have seen other towns go down the same road. Very few of them were successful. Some towns that have recently awarded outside contracts include, Aberdeen and Perth Amboy. We do dozens of 9-1-1 calls into Aberdeen each month because the outside agency they awarded the contract to didn’t live up to the contract expectations. Perth Amboy is facing the same issue.
Having first responders that are familiar with the town they work in and its operations is paramount to a strong EMS system. Having it any other way is failing you!

I don’t know what the Mayor and business administrator are thinking about but it is pretty obvious that it’s not your well being!

Please come and show your support for the current Old Bridge EMS system on 12/19/2017 in the township court room at 7pm

Please feel free to spread the word on this issue. Lets save Old Bridge from becoming a bad statistic
#SaveOldBridgeEMS #Helpushelpyou

Thomas Hammel

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