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Petition For The OPP To Investigate Wingham Police Over Collusion & Perjury Allegations

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Please sign our petition for the Wingham Police to recuse themselves from the August Atrocities investigation.  Evidence will be provided below to prove collusion regarding false statements to the Wingham police, along with evidence the officer’s testimony was not truthful. Members of North Huron council and members of the police service board are implicated. Every police officer briefed on this case agrees the Wingham police should not be investigating the August Atrocities, this even includes member(s) of the Wingham police.

Currently only Chief Poole believes it is appropriate for the Wingham police to investigate themselves and those that sign their paychecks, and is refusing to pass the investigation on to the OPP. We need your support to encourage Chief Poole to do the right thing and recuse the Wingham Police from investigating themselves by signing this petition, and drawing as much attention as possible to this situation.

22Aug2016 North Huron’s political crisis spun widely out of control as a small group of taxpayers attended a North Huron council meeting. WFP’s camera person was arrested for camera possession, one person was arrested for recording the arrest, and another was expelled without charges. The charges were easily beaten in court, and the officer was chastised repeatedly for his barely audible testimony, characteristic of a guilty child (head lowered in shame & mumbling).

Click here to see the 30 seconds that led up to the call to the police. NOTE: There was no breach of the peace, and more importantly no one was asked to leave the council meeting. Another disturbing thing you may notice is that Vincent’s regime shuts off their video feed 30 seconds into the meeting. This was done to create an “our word against your word” situation. Thankfully the entire incident was captured on video, and that video evidence trumps their lies.

22Aug2016 Wingham Police Service Board Secretary Kathy Adams calls the police to remove “3 unwanted individuals that were refusing to leave”. She meets officer MacAdams in the hallway and according to the officer's notes and testimony, Kathy Adams claims people are refusing to leave and that is why the police were called.

Clearly no one was asked to leave, and this was a fabrication by Kathy Adams. The only incontrovertible evidence of what was said to officer MacAdam would be on his body camera. The officer clearly states he is video recording that evening, and that the victims were not going to get it on video. Click here for video proof.

Evidence Deleted
The Wingham police now claim there is no body camera footage of the August Atrocities despite the officer clearly stating his body camera is running. The obvious conclusions would be the officer either deleted the video, or lied that evening.

By now you should realize Vincent’s regime has done everything in their power to make it an “our word against theirs” situation. They clearly shut down their video feed, and the officer’s body camera footage apparently doesn’t exist anymore. Now to prove their case they believe they have to prove the three victims were asked to leave. Since that clearly never happened, they took witness statements. These statements can only be a result of collusion, as they claim the three were refusing to leave.

Below are scans of those statements to the police from Councillor Brock Vodden, Police Service Board Member Yolanda Ritsema Teeninga, and North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent. There were two other statements from the traditional newspapers, they both were devoid of the false claim the three were refusing to leave.

Yolanda's Statement
Vincent's Statement
Vodden's Statement

Perjury - Max Sentence Is 14 Years In Canada
Now to make the fabricated case seem even more real to the Judge, officer MacAdam claimed he had a conversation with Reeve Vincent where Vincent told him directly that the three were refusing to leave. This conversation clearly did not happen that evening according to available video evidence and witnesses. The only reason for the officer to fabricate such a lie would be to convince the Judge the three were indeed asked to leave and were refusing.

Officer MacAdam’s Court Testimony: “so I went and I spoke with Neil Vincent who is the Reeve.  I attended at the front to get the by-law.  They had the by-law.  He advised me that they, again, that they were refusing to put away the cameras and that they had been asked to leave”.

I hope I have convinced you there are sufficient conflicts for Chief Poole to recuse the Wingham Police from investigating the August Atrocities. If I have, please take a few more seconds to sign this petition and help increase awareness.

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