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Change OHS Dress Code

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Recently, our school announced that no longer would strapless, shoulder bearing shirts be accepted. This has caused quite an outrage with the students, even the boys. These boys aren't angry they can't see simple parts of our body. They are angry that the administration thinks that they are mindless and can't focus on the task on hand because of a girl's clothing. I was excited to come to OHS because of the less strict dress code in the school. I was excited because for once I wouldn't feel like I was being taught that it's a girls job to make sure boys aren't distracted. We are not pieces of meat. We are human beings, in a hot school with no A/C. We deserve to not feel heat exhausted, like we are going to pass out, and we deserve to wear what we want. If bisexual and lesbian girls can handle being in a dressing room with girls and not be "distracted" or make any advancements, so can boys.

When you tell a girl she needs to change her clothes because she is distracting boys, you are telling her her education is less important than that of males. This is sexism and the sexualising of young girls. If you find young girls shoulders, legs, or chests sexual, the problem is not us. The problem is you. 

We will not stop fighting for this change. In the 1900's we had to fight to be able to show our ankles. Our knees. And now, we are fighting to show our shoulders. Be on the right side of history. Make a difference with us.

 "I literally had to leave Ottawa because of the conditions there. The heat in the summer effected my seizures a lot, the nursing was so understaffed that when I had seizures, they didn't send a nurse to come get me while laying on the floor, they sent Mr. DeWalt (totally not dissing him btw, he's a really nice guy) but it was insane. My whole freshman year I fought to be put into a special PE or study hall bc I couldn't handle the heat and it took a year and 2 doctor notes to get me out and put in a study hall. Y'all wanna know the reason they won't put air conditioning in the school? They'd have to do duct work and tear down some walls and by doing that they'd reveal the asbestos problem the school has. The school it's self is piece of ----, it isn't cleaned properly, everything is dusty and covered in germs, it causes so many allergy and asthma problems for so many kids. But this is the reality of so many public schools, especially  little public schools in the middle of nowhere like ours. But it shows a lot of courage and ambition to go after the school board like this, if everyone (in the school and out) keep at it, something will give eventually. Don't give up just because "it's been done before and didn't work" it's a constant battle to get people to change their opinions and sooner or later it will pay off. The school is a democracy, we are the people, and there's enough of you to make something good happen." -Corri Trumbo, a former student.

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