Stop Child Sex Offenders and Child Abusers From Having All Rights To Children

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To many children are being abused,molested,killed due to the lack of laws protecting them from child sex offenders and abusers. The laws need to be changed to protect children and infant rights and we need more moral standards when the laws are written and not just by everybody deserves a second chance

The laws need changed so that child sex offenders and abusers cannot keep getting children back once they are committed of crimes against children. the sex offender registry needs to be updated to make sex offenders against children a lifetime registry entry because there is no excuse for sexual exploitation of children
The laws need to be changed so that there are stricter punishments for offenses and no second chances for child sex offenders and abusers Also anyone that has committed such crimes need to lose all rights to be able to get custody or visitation of other children conceived out of marriage or by any other means. The judicial process needs to be changed so that offenders cannot get multiple hearings and trials to try obtain custody or visitations Lastly laws need to be changed so that these crimes are committed against a child under the age of two years old the crime needs to become a capital crime. Too many children are being hurt or killed due to the lack of severity of the punishments currently in place

Personal story
Im writing this petition because of the number of children that are hurt daily due to a failed judicial system and relaxed punishments for offenders. Plus I myself are going threw an custody battle for my daughter to try to keep her away from her father that has been convicted of abuse and sex crimes against his other children