End the Standard Care Agreement (Collaborating Agreement) for Nurse Practitioners

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Nurse Practitioners in the State of Ohio are required to sign an agreement with a physician in the same field of practice, called a collaborating agreement, or standard care agreement. Physicians sign the agreement and charge a fee. Nurse Practitioners are not permitted to work in their field unless they pay whatever arbitrary price the physician demands. This is extortion. Forcing someone to pay a fee in order to work and pursue "life, liberty, and happiness" is inherently illegal and unconstitutional. There is no provision in the law that commensurately requires physicians to sign, and there is also nothing mentioned in the legislation (4723) that requires Nurse Practitioners must pay a fee. The standard care agreement is ethically and morally wrong. Nurse Practitioners hold all the necessary licenses and qualifications to practice in their scope of practice autonomously and should not be governed by physicians who are not under the Board of Nursing.

Ohio Board of Nursing Requires a standard care agreement to be on file, and threatens legal action against the Nurse Practitioner if the Nurse Practitioner doesn't have one in place at all times and there are no exemptions or exceptions. Note that NPs working at Federal Veterans Administration Hospitals all across the US have no standard care agreement requirements and work with full practice authority. 

Dr. Lisa Goins, Nurse Practitioner is the first Nurse Practitioner in the United States to have been sued for more money by her collaborating physician over the standard care agreement, which opens the door for more physicians to demand more money arbitrarily from any Nurse Practitioner. This lawsuit has been followed by threats of disciplinary action from the Ohio Board of Nursing against Dr. Lisa.

Dr. Lisa Goins founded Couture Health Care, a 501(c)3 as recognized by the IRS and USPS as a non profit in Hamilton, Ohio to raise awareness of holistic health and to help reduce and ultimately eliminate the opiate epidemic.

Ending the standard care agreement will end the extortion paid by the number one ethical group in the United States of America.