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Public Boards should hear and respond to public comments.

Recently two park boards controlled by Probate Judge Timothy J. Grendell, including the Geauga Park Board, have eliminated public comments and questions from the public board meetings.  The people of Geauga County are being ignored and disenfranchised by the public boards who refuse to answer or even hear questions about the use of public land and public funds.

 It has become apparent that this is a flaw in Ohio law. Public bodies, using our money and resources, must be required to hear and respond to citizens. Public boards should be responsive to the tax-paying public.  Please sign the petition below asking Ohio legislators to amend the current law to require public comment time at public meetings and thoughtful responses from public boards.


We the undersigned request the "Open Meetings/Sunshine Laws" be amended to require all public bodies to provide a reasonable allotment of time at each meeting for public comments and questions on issues appropriate to such public bodies and that such public body shall respond publicly within a reasonable time, but no later than the next scheduled meeting, to those public comments and questions.

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