Stop the prison release of Tina Gibson, serving time for murder.

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This is the second petition pleading that Tina Gibson not be released from prison having killed her then husband and father of her four children in cold blood and with premeditation.   The first petition was of record two years ago with 116 supporters.  A petition was also started by fellow inmates for her release with 32 supporters at that time, but two of those responding to the petition were against her release.  The petition had been updated recently, however, I feel strongly that one should be started again, since the previous petition has been closed due to time factors.

 I have grave reservations for the release of Tina Gibson.   I am the mother-in-law of her daughter Helen (Heidi) – a victim in this case.   Helen fears for the safety of her two small children ages four and seven.    This safety factor is also a fear of mine and other family members. 

 There is a book titled Headless Man in Topless Bar – studies of 725 cases of strip club related criminal homicides.   In the article related to Tina Gibson, she went to her then husband’s trailer with a gun and killed him – cold-blooded and premeditated.   She was indicted on aggravated murder, alleging that Tina caused his death and that she had done so with prior design and calculation with a firearm specification, threatening to shoot him twice before actually doing so.  I think that she is capable of doing the same or committing another crime against person or persons.    She was sentenced to three years for the firearm specification and 15 years to life on the murder charge.  Family members had heard that the Prosecuting Attorney said during the trial that if Tina ever were released, that he would file charges against her for blowing up the trailer that the family lived in previous to her killing her husband.  This fact was recorded in the Ohio v Gibson (1997) Ohio App. LEXIS 2898,  stating "A second dispute between appellant and Yerkey concerned the proper distribution of certain insurance proceeds.  Following the dissolution, Yerkey (husband/father) had possession of the mobile home in which they had previously lived.  In December 1994, this home mysteriously exploded and burnt down.  No one was injured in this incident".  Not only could Mr. Yerkey have been harmed in that explosion, but two of the four children in his custody could also have been harmed.   I find it totally unbelievable that she could only receive 23 years in prison for this heinous act of premeditated murder, especially since the victims are still greatly fearful of her release and that memories of this heinous crime continue to cause stress and anxiety to others.  

  Tina Gibson should not be released from prison in consideration for the safety, welfare and well-being of me and my husband, my sons, my daughter-in-law, my grandchildren and Helen’s aunt and uncle (loving guardians of Helen and her three siblings following the death of Mr. Yerkey and imprisonment of Tina), grandparents, and siblings and their families.   We are not looking forward to the fear and anxiety that many will greatly experience if she were to be released.    Tina Gibson should get life and her family should not have to fear for her possible release via parole hearings every three to five years.  I, therefore, petition that the Ohio Parole Board consider a much longer time period between hearings.   


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