Petition to be able to attend OHSAA Regional/ State Basketball/Wrestling Tournament 2020

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!

The people of our state, and community should not be told that they cannot attend a game, support their team, support their family, and not be allowed to willingly take the risk associated with this fear spread by the media, and social media.

We live in this free country for a reason, and we should all have the right to cheer on the basketball teams, wrestlers in our cities at Regionals, and at State, girls or boys!

So whatever community you are from, show them you mean it, and get behind all schools that have made it this far!

I, myself am from the Lima Shawnee Community, and we have Columbus Grove, and Lima Senior still in the hunt for that state championship! These guys and gals have worked their tail off to get this far. We know they will play their hearts out, whether we are there or not, but the government should not control the freedom we have to attend public functions!

Let's GO OHIO! Go Tribe!