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Stop parents and medical professionals from "transgender" conditioning children.

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A little over a month ago I learned that there is a 13 year old boy in my child's school who is "transitioning / transgender conditioning" from a boy to a girl. 

I got online to see if there were any support groups out there against parents and medical professionals altering children's bodies by halting puberty through hormone treatments and eventually reconstructive surgery. To my disappointment, there were very few and the amount of people openly opposing this is almost nonexistent. I did however find thousands of groups cheering on transgender kids, their parents and the medical professionals.

That's when the reality set in. This was bigger than I had originally thought and it horrified me to see so many people encouraging the mutilation of children through a process called "transitioning". I live in a tiny little community out in the middle of nowhere so if it's here, it's everywhere and it's larger than I can even imagine. 

I'm not a medical professional nor do I have a background in psychiatry, but I am a mom and as a mother I would never do anything to emotionally, mentally or physically harm my children. 

As any parent knows, children are innocent, impressionable and lack the cognitive ability to make such life altering decisions at such a young age. Puberty is a vital part of our overall development and should never be interrupted or modified. 

According to the American College of Pediatrics, children should be left alone and allowed to develop completely:

Gender dysphoria (GD) in children is a term used to describe a psychological condition in which a child experiences marked incongruence between his or her experienced gender and the gender associated with the child’s biological sex. Twin studies demonstrate that GD is not an innate trait. Moreover, barring pre-pubertal affirmation and hormone intervention for GD, 80 percent to 95 percent of children with GD will accept the reality of their biological sex by late adolescence.

The treatment of GD in childhood with hormones effectively amounts to mass experimentation on, and sterilization of, youth who are cognitively incapable of providing informed consent. There is a serious ethical problem with allowing irreversible, life-changing procedures to be performed on minors who are too young to give valid consent themselves; adolescents cannot understand the magnitude of such decisions. 


I created a page and group on facebook if you'd like more information:


I am appealing to everyone on the behalf of my children and the children around the world to please end this. It's not just an issue here in the United States, it's world wide and growing at an alarming rate.

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