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The United States slaughters more than 220,000 horses a yr by sending them to Mexican and Canadian slaughter houses. These horses are bought at auction by kill pen owners for cents on the pound. They are then transferred by semi truck crammed in as tight as they can to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. This leaves no jurisdiction to the United States to oversee how inhumanly these horses are treated. Many people who send their beloved horses to auction for one reason or another do not realize they just sent their beloved partner to a death sentence. And to make it worse kill pens post on Facebook horses they think they can make a buck over. And prey on the bleeding hearts of people to save these horses before the ship to slaughter deadline approaches. Lining their pockets with millions of dollars all the while still sending their quota to slaughter. They say thank you for saving a life but in reality you just paid them to by five more horses to ship to slaughter. It has to be stopped. People are being manipulated by these kill pens out of their money thinking their making a difference and saving a life. All the while costing five more horses their lives. Their are federal laws on horse slaughter. What can ship and what can’t. Yet no one monitors this. It has to change .