Save Kean Performing Arts Programs!

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The Kean Board of Trustees Resolution is initiating the elimination of the Music Conservatory and Theater Education, among others. All of this in addition to the elimination of Art History. There are numerous misrepresentations in this secretly conceived document. Is this a brazen and cynical use of the tragic circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis to attack the arts at Kean? You decide.

There is hope. We are extremely excited and encouraged that Dr. Lamont Repollet, the current Commissioner of Education for the State of NJ, will be arriving on campus on July 1 to start a new era of openness, growth and vision for Kean University. Dr. Repollet has a distinguished career in education and understands the value of the diversity and inclusiveness that is Kean.

Please join us in directing your positive appeals to our President-elect and his colleagues in Trenton, including the Governor's Office.

On behalf of the Music Conservatory: In the resolution, it is falsely claimed that our Kean Music degrees attract 1-4 students per year. For decades, the freshman class has consistently been between 15-25, resulting in a cohesive and effective, yet modest-sized program. Our alumni go on to the finest graduate schools such as the Peabody Conservatory of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, and they win recognition for their teaching---they are some of the shining stars of the NJ Public School system.

False claims were also made about the financial viability of the Conservatory. With over 60 majors (and serving over 600 non-Majors), Music pays for itself in financial and, more importantly, other intangible ways in its contribution to campus and local community culture—all for less than 1% of Kean’s total operating budget. Kean University has contacted incoming freshmen of the Music Conservatory and told them they can not attend Kean University, unless they switch programs! Please support the Facebook page: