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Hi All,

We, Prospective Migration Agents has started this petition to abolish unfair Capstone Exam which is not reasonable in any manner and has been designed to exploit aspirants by putting immense pressure on them. We hereby, would like to discuss below points in our petition:

 Till End of 2017, to become Registered Migration Agent all you needed was:

o  Complete 6 months certificate course in Migration Law

o  Get 7 in English test result and

o  Register with OMARA within a year of completion of your course.


From 2018 onwards to become registered Migration agent, you must do:

o  12 Months Graduate Diploma course at double the price ($24500)

o  After completing the course for a year, you must go through new exam called as THE CAPSTONE TEST, which is administered by College of Law at $2750, which is an unreasonable cost.

o  Get 7 in English test result

o  Then Register with OMARA.


o  Course has already changed from 6 months to 12 months, putting students through longer time of studies and pressure?

o  Universities took exams twice, once after first semester and then at end of second semester, so this Capstone test raises questions over capacity of Universities doing their job?


ABOLISH CAPSTONE TEST? why to introduce a test again when students have gone through university test already. does that mean, there is doubt on University's capability of running the course and exams? if yes then don’t allow universities to run this course?

ABOLISH CAPSTONE TEST? When we called College of Law to know more about this failure, their response is " We can't do anything, if your university didn’t teach you properly then don’t expect anything form us" If this is the case, then why universities are conducting this course?

Let College of Law conduct this course and then there won’t be any Capstone Test anymore? Please don’t involve innocent students in politics between College of Law and OMARA?

ABOLISH CAPSTONE TEST? this Capstone test is run by College of Law. what a tragedy of system. College of Law along with Law society is fighting with OMARA about registration of Lawyers as Migration agent case for more than 2-3 years now and OMARA is giving college of Law to run this Capstone test??

ABOLISH CAPSTONE TEST? the way Capstone test is structured, the whole purpose look like to fail students to make money rather than testing the knowledge of the students to able to help client in future? In real world, no one will ask you to write submissions, letter of advice or submit files within 1-2 hours?

ABOLISH CAPSTONE TEST? If they have found that there have been illegal activities from existing MARA agents then punish them, why new breed who know nothing about dodgy practices? Implement such a test for every MARA agents immediately and then see how many will be able to survive in the market and that way LAW BOARD will automatically win and OMARA will not left with any agents or hardly 15 agents registered. It’s just not fair to let new migration students go with such a test after doing 12 months course. Clean the existing system, what's the use of using new graduates as scape goat?? Current system is faulty. If current migration agents are involved in unethical practices, then clean them, don’t force new breeds to do something illegal?

ABOLISH CAPSTONE TEST? As per information gathered from various students who appeared for Capstone test in Feb 2019 from Victoria, UTS, Griffith and other Universities have less than 10% clearance rate. We have tried to get official examination data from College of Law as well as OMARA but it seems this exam data is of national interest issue and can not be disclosed. All other bodies such as CPA, Financial body in Australia all disclose their examination data in public domain due to transparency involved as against Capstone test.

o  Are we playing with client’s future or this exam is pushing all these new migration agents of future to involve in unethical behaviour by pushing them into such unethical examination practices?


o  Capstone test should be abolished asap and all students who have done Migration courses through various universities in 2018 should be granted permission to enrol with OMARA asap.

o  You want to clean the system, put Capstone test for all existing MIGRATION AGENTS and LAWYERS both. Test should be run and administered by MARA, not the college of Law.

o  The examination resources provided to students at $2750 was not worth and $2200 to re-sit in the exam doesn’t justify the cost at all. it looks like just another way of minting money by unethical way to push students and demotivate them to able to contribute to community and nation.