Protect Essential Autism Care in PA

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Thousands of Pennsylvania kids may lose the autism care they need if Pennsylvania’s Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) does not reverse its position on center-based 1:1 ABA services.

A child’s access to 1:1 ABA services, when deemed medically necessary by a qualified treatment provider, must not be restricted by location. Families should have the freedom to make the decision to pursue center-based, 1:1 ABA services based upon the child’s needs.

In addition, there should be no financial risk to providers who want to make these services available. A child’s family shouldn’t have to demonstrate that an exception or special consideration applies in order to get coverage for 1:1 clinic-based services.

The decision to restrict center-based care is NOT just a problem for families during the COVID crisis, but will stop kids from getting needed care even after pandemic-related restrictions come to an end.

The signers of this petition urge Pennsylvania's Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to reverse the IBHS position and restore full access to center-based 1:1 ABA services.

The ABA Our Way advocacy campaign aims to ensure that Intensive Behavior Health Services (IBHS) in Pennsylvania support the provision of 1:1 ABA services in a center for children who need them. ABA Our Way is a collaboration of Pennsylvania-based organizations and individuals that serve children with autism. This campaign is supported by autism organizations from across the nation.