Out of School Hours Care (OOSH/OSHC) tendering process should have your voice!

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Our children are distressed, our parents are dismayed and our staff are devastated!

This could very well impact your child/ren and your family too if you use Out of School Care - Before and After School Care in NSW in it's current climate

The Rainbow Activity Centre (TRAC) in Randwick has been operating in Rainbow Street Public School for 16 years.  Our team of long term (10+ years) staff have meaningful bonds with our children and families some of which extend beyond 10 years and into adulthood.  95% of our parent's hold our service in high regard and are very happy with us to continue to provide care to their children.

However, in an inadequate process conducted by the NSW Education Department we lost the open tender to a much larger organisation who have accumulated 15 centres in 5 1/2 years.

The first years fees of the new provider will see our parents charged more than $100,000.00 per year (20% more) for absolutely no added value for our children or families.  Who knows what will the fees will be over the next 5 years??

Another not for profit run provider run by a local Neighbourhood Centre was sent packing after awarding it to a very large national company who has over 400 centres with 37 OOSH services in NSW!  Their children and families are outraged as well.  This is becoming a statewide issue for children and families and it is time to speak up.

The NSW Department of Education's open tendering process is increasing with more than 60 open tenders in the past 18 months. 

It is a fundamentally flawed in that it does not seek input from the primary stakeholders - YOU!  

Relationships with children, families and their local communities should matter but they don't have ANY value in the purely administrative process it conducts now which is basically awarded on how well you write a tender.

The open tender process for a provider directly contradicts The National Quality Standards in areas of Relationships with children, Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Community and the Continuity of staff.  This is what the NSW Government via the Minister of The Early Childhood and Education is mandated to do but they are not upholding their commitment to our children! 

Premier and Ministers!  This is totally unacceptable and it needs to change.  We would like you to:

  1. As a priority ensure that the needs and wellbeing of children are your primary focus and ensures continuity of meaningful relationships is maintained 
  2. An independent survey is conducted prior to any decision to go to open tender to ensure families are engaged in meaningful consultation

Please sign and share this petition to help our children and families have a greater say in who cares for their children.