Jeremy Corbyn is a victim of the press

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Jeremy Corbyn MP and democratically elected leader of the Labour Party, also leader of the opposition, has faced barrage of smears and negative media attention.

This petition asks Ofcom to conduct an investigation into the unusual amount of negative press towards Jeremy Corbyn and share the results. This investigation should look into the negative press from television networks, newspapers and the internet. It should include results from the time Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party till now.

This partition will also be shared with Jeremy Corbyn to show that members, supporters of the Labour Party and the wider public are aware of the negative predirected towards him.

By signing this petition, you acknowledge that you believe Jeremy Corbyn has been the victim of an unnatural amount of negative media attention.

From being called a Czechoslovakian spy by a fellow MP to being called an ‘icon’ for anti-semitism. Jeremy Corbyn has faced a relentless onslaught by the mass media and by people who wish to see him disposed of as the leader of the Labour Party.  

Despite this he continues to defend himself and continues to try and work with people. Jeremy we admire your courage and patience. 

Please see the letter below that will be sent to Jeremy Corbyn. I will send it at 500 signatories.

Dear Jeremy,

I speak for the many and not for the few, in both the Labour Party and the general public, saying you have shown great resilience, patience and calm in dealing with the latest smears. Specifically the smears aimed towards you claiming you are an ‘icon’ of anti-Semitism.

From the BBC altering the image of your hat to fellow MPs claiming you are a spy, you continue to surprise and inspire us all with your courage.

We acknowledge that there is a problem anti-Semitism, as you do, in the Labour Party and the community beyond. Yet the constant barrage against you from the media, others in the party, groups of people who would not like you as leader of the Labour Party and some members of the public has been wholeheartedly unacceptable and wrong.

We are aware you have tried to talk to people and have offered your side of the story, yet you have been drowned out by the screams aimed at you, by people who wish to damage your reputation.

We write to you, as a supporters and as a members of the Labour Party, to offer you our support in these hard times. We ask you you to continue the good fight and represent the many of us.

You have our support.

In solidarity

Alan McGuire

Member of Labour International 

Please see the petition of fellow supporters.


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