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Live stream University of Hawaii football games

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**8/13/17 Update** Live Stream Returns!  Let's keep in touch on Facebook:

Hawaii Football - Warrior Nation

Mahalo for your support!!!  For fans outside of Hawaii, download the Mountain West Conference (MWC) app on your smart phone/tablet to Live Stream Hawaii football games.  We might have further instructions on the Facebook group page prior to gameday.


The Honolulu StarAdvertiser had an article on March 26, 2017 about the UH football live streaming issue. The issue is Oceanic/Charter has cut the live streaming option, thereby cutting off UH football viewing access to thousands of fans, player families, national media and opponents' fans outside of Hawaii.

The fact that UH and Charter are gridlocked on a technical/legal solution less than five months prior to the start of the 2017 football season means chances are there will be no solution. This cannot be acceptable. UH Athletics cannot repeat what has happened last year. We will lose recruits and the positive benefits of national recognition of the UH athletics program if this becomes the norm.

We believe UH needs help to leverage Charter from our government representatives. Please help AD Dave Matlin. This not only affects UH football fans, but all fans of UH athletics because football drives the financial bus.

Our goals are (3/26/17 Draft):

- To build a Coalition of all UH sports fans since an attack on football threatens everybody. Mainland recruiting, national exposure, player family viewing are all very important.

- We do not want to get people to boycott OCSports, but we want people of this Coalition to commit to change cable providers if they have Oceanic/Charter to protest this business decision.  The preliminary deadline is June 30, 2017 for a resolution.

- Encourage our political representatives both in Hawaii and Washington DC to advocate for a solution prior to the 2017 football season.

- Ultimately, we would like to see UH-Oceanic/Charter renegotiate their contract, terminate early, or allow UH to seek a competing bid for a buy-out. UH might see a lower payout, but long term, the hope is improved access to UH football.

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