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Occult Crimes Affect Our Lives

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Elite Members of Science

An occult is attacking me! I have no affiliation with them and 21 police reports surrounding the matter. The reports are collective between the states of Ohio and California. Law enforcement will not investigate nor act upon the crimes. Media is how one would normally get the word out. Since, I am exposing hidden science; they are keeping the matter from going viral on social media platforms. The group is attacking the astral body of the human energetic field, resulting in demon possession. They have shut down/closed my personal accounts, attacked my people to keep this matter from getting out, and as I result I have NO SUPPORTERS.  

I have walked into news stations and consistently reached out to Carl Monday, Ed Galek and their supervisors May 2017- Oct 2017. They were unresponsive and communications with radio stations, City of Akron’s’ prosecutor’s office, mayor, FBI, President Donald Trump via twitter, entertainers, gospel artist, leagues, and political figures outside the United States were the same. In this petition I will be discussing how and why they attacked me, how it affects you, and the necessity in standing against these individuals. It should be easy to follow. I’ll warn against spelling and grammar errors, because this petition has been sabotaged on four other occasions.


Etheric- the first or lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura.
Astral- nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal; the physical human body’s counterpart. Astral journey, trip, the same as having an out-of-body experience.
DNA- deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material  
Epigenetics- study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.
Reprobate- an unprincipled person
Stimuli- a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue

Disclaimer, I am not a subject matter expert, this information was written according to what I’ve experienced and found to be true. I have not researched any of the information.

Occult Interest

These individuals are interested in maintaining “dominion over law”. Controlling law supports the manipulation of regulation, undocumented use of private funds, and unforeseeable attacks against citizens. Since we the people are the cause and effect of their interest, we are the element they find necessary to control. They study how people react to extreme changes in their environment. Factors may or may not include addictions, vices, love, support, energy, and financial stability. They are targeting our minds, and in all cases those factors define our mental fortitude. The uncommon factor resides in deoxyribonucleic acid; their testing DNA strains to see what motivates people that have none of the previous listed. The objective is not to find, but to test their findings. There’s curiosity and a vested interest in brain cells, DNA, organs, the impossible obtainment of spiritual gifts, sexual energy, and the mutation or genetic modification of eggs (female reproductive system). Overall, the intent is to control, which can be done one of three ways: medication, vice, or death.


Electromagnetic frequency EMF, radiation EMR, telekinesis, and electroconvulsive therapy ECT are their primary weapons of choice. It’s a broad spectrum that supports a variation of harm. The use of these weapons throws off electrochemical brain waves. Chemical waves are responsible for neurons communication with other nerve cell. Electro convulsion Therapy ECT is a procedure, in which small electric currents are passed through the brain, intentionally to trigger a seizure or raise blood pressure. Electromagnetic Radiation EMR is propagating (radiating) through space-time, invisible energy that damages matter. Telekinesis is the paranormal removing or moving of an object (in other words, sophisticated theft).

Female surveillancers were utilizing some sort of laser to burn marks into my face. A standard pimple or dark spot would heal in 3-5 days. Even after raising my alkaline intake, they would make painful “dark” marks that stuck around for 3-5 months at a time. A list of things that have come to past are: rare cancer cells, cervical cancer (false reads), staph infection, crippling (2 have had to learn to walk again), seizures, being held in bed, back aches for those with higher vibrations, the removal of teeth, pneumonia, lupus, headaches, etc. I have lost much of my lineage this way, a result of the cases that ended in death. As those surveillancing threatened, violate, harass and taunted me. While no one listens nor pays the obvious occurrences any attention. How many unexplained deaths has your family suffered?

Neuro-sensations and responses are linked to the clone via RFID chip implant. Together the chip and clone override your physical body’s condition or state.

Example #1: The heart of the clone is being attacked using an electromagnetic pulsing tool. The intent is to induce a heart attack. The brain on the clone is creating chemical responses that trigger a heart attack. The replica (clone) is linked to your physical brain, so your brain creates the same response. Same goes for stroke, and crippling seizures. Those that are elder, weak, depressed, anything on the lower vibrational scale, cannot intervene the attack. For those that are magnetic healers like me, this is a HUGE PROBLEM! I’ve practiced meditation for some time, when this was done to me, I countered their override by calming myself, than following up with an Emergency visit, to ensure my heart was ok.

Example #2: The energetic field must be opened. (IV Assist) Receptivity to disease calls the energetic field to be penetrated. Like all the example, this too has various approaches. When the disease and/or ailment is administered, the brain may or may not replicate the desired result. Something else may manifest which would cause for you to go to the hospital and get prescribed a prescription that happens to have an active ingredient for what they are trying to give you. At any rate, the main ingredient for disease to manifest is in our food, cell phones, and medication. You may have guessed it, but food isn’t as bad as it’s portrayed to be. There were hidden factors that people could not account for. Ingredients in food are used to mutate and activate what’s administered. Cell phones produce radio frequency and the average person feels the surge of energy passing thru their hand. The waves create chemical responses that trigger impulses, cravings for specific foods, and the altering of mood.

Low vibrations are needed in order for the disease to manifest, and emotional pain assists greatly. The absence of emotional pain, is also a reason why disease wouldn’t manifesting as expected. It’s all made from genetic material. Examples: staph, HIV, BV, Coughs, Smallpox etc.  

When this happened to me, I continued to move possible. And they continued to exceed the amount administered, followed by complaints of having to conjure up complex mixes. They became mad when I told the ladies at the shelter, “I don’t get sick”. Weeks later, they found a way to justify the attack. Which always becomes a vicious cycle, because my body naturally heals itself.

What I’ve learned from being attacked is Vibrations, Energy, and Exercise are key

On the lower end of the spectrum, people experience emotions like Pessimism, Boredom, Revenge, Hatred, Jealousy, Insecurity, Guilt, Fear, Grief, Depression, Blame, Worry, Doubt, Disappointment, and Overwhelmed. On the higher end of the spectrum, people experience emotions like Contentment, Hopeful, Optimism, Faith, Belief, Love, Support, Happiness, Passion, Empowerment, Joy, and Appreciation.

Example #3: The laying of spirits, creates pain, weight gain, and lack of energy. They communication with the lower spirit realms. They allow and make deals with the filth that’s lurking from Christians binding them here on earth. As the spirits experience turmoil and no longer have vessels, they need a place to rest. Without an etheric layer they cannot feel. They ideally won’t still bodies, those that do not move a lot, or are bed ridden. This is why some people are obese. Those individual likely have pure hearts or unshakable morals. This is how the devils forces “believable” compliance.

This is a sophisticated way of killing people; it looks like there’s no cause. Amongst other things, the clones are used for sex, to assist the process for application of satanic rituals and prayer manipulate. Now…you know why there’s a rise in wild fires.

Recognizing the Attacks

          The implant is “radio frequency” and allows those surveillancing to communicate with their prey. They refer to it as a personal experience, and started communicating with me at the end of March of 2017. Within days, after disabling everything in my car, and them playing with my windows; I put two and two together. In 2013, I researched the chip after seeing it surface in the media. The discussion then, stated “this will be mandatory for all Americans”. Following my return home in April the group started administering experimental stimuli’s. Out of frustration with disease not manifesting, and the pain associated with spiritual warfare; they began to block and unblock different areas of my brain. Every part of my brain has been tested. When we (the gifted) fight in the spirit realm the impact is felt physically, because the blows come in contact with their energetic field. When I cut, punch, smack, blow someone’s head off, the surveillancers feel pain. Examples of movies that replicate spiritual warfare are: the Divergent and Matrix.

Brain in Pieces

Test runs and stimuli were ran from April 2017- September 2017. Higher mental function, involves self-generated drive. It’s associated with language, memory, attention, and perception. They were unable to change how I perceived reality or alter my attention. But when this part of the brain was targeted, sometimes my words ran into one another, or were mispronounced. Also my memory which happens to be supreme, became questionable. Responses were more along the lines of roughly than actual occurrence. Motor Functions, were uncoordinated and far from fluent. To add insult, they pushed me, in hopes that I’d fall and pass out. This is something many of us have witnessed with elders. Brocca’s area, is linked to speech initiation. The attacked failed. However, for months they mentioned me taking my brother to court, and not being able to speak. It came to pass, after I heard my mom and dad’s impostors discussing their agenda to label me mental ill because I wouldn’t stop fighting at the end of November 2017. I later filed restraining orders on possessed dad and brother.

Sensory Functions, is how our brain responds to touch, pressure, vibration, temperature, and pain. They complained about my empathic abilities, and knew I could feel everything they were doing to the clone. I lost pleasure in hugging, but did not lose the ability of detecting touch. The group would both override the temperature in small rooms, and attempt to frost-bite my hands and feet in weather, that could not justify the attack. They concealed my ability to feel my heart beat; I have not felt my heart beat since June 2017. Attack’s to Wernicke’s Area, were unsuccessful. My ability to comprehend did not change. But I believe it was attacked collectively to manifest other changes.  Auditory Functions, did not change, so they would insert ear-buds into the clone’s ears to assist. I noticed the sound of falling objects were amplified. The frequency in gospel music was altered, and ever so often they’d apply surround sound. No gruesome, or horror effects. Olfactory senses changed, they did not want me to be able to enjoy food, unless it was prepared by their impostors’. I was still able to smell sickness on people, but I couldn’t pick up small molecules in the outside air. They altered my vision, as soon as I got new glasses in July 2017. They also got tired of me crying between May and June, and clogged my tear ducts. However, they purposefully make them active, whenever their trying to manipulate a response. Invasion of the visceral nervous system, sabotaged my bile movements. The reptiles/serpents would get on me, sit in my gut or fester in my esophagus.

In all cases the complaint is the same, “she’s too strong mind, and in touch with reality”. I often sat at the hospital, documented, and made public the occurrences. Some of my YouTube videos show the effects. They were attacking me without permission or approval at first, as a result of me not complying. Prior to leaving California their demands were go home, be normal, have kids, don’t tell anyone what happened to you, and get use to us watching you shower. The more I told people the more they’d attack me (April- May 2017). Knowing that I intended to reach the public, resulted in them attacking those that knew me and would help. Once they couldn’t justify their attacks they started manipulating footage and conversations. My derogatory internal dialog was being put off as personal attacks towards authority figures', of those surveillancing me. When in fact, it was meant for those surveillancing. These people repeatedly tried to kill “me” an innocent women.

Even more disturbing them attacking those I know, started long before they surfaced and started attacking me.


We are living in “the time” of Revelation! We are amongst serpents and reptiles, but people are unable to identify what that looks like in the flesh. Revelation by definition means the unveiling of something not previously known; a divine disclosure to humanity regarding their existence. This Revelation IS about “Matters of the Spirit”. The part of you that ELITE members of “science” have molded society to neglect and cease. It’s accessible through your astral layer.

The astral body is part of the energetic body that is associated with the subconscious mind, which is where all change takes place. Also, the part of our spirit and mind matrix that travels during sleep. Clones play a significant role in luring your loved ones out. If it were you and your dreams, you would have insight, and some still experience clips or visions of déjà vu. When our loved ones are attacked in their sleep, the correct term is demon possession, and it takes complete manifestation in less than 24hrs.

“In the flesh” these people look, sound, and display mannerisms like our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Yet, if you pay close attention, the nature of their spirit has changed. Matthew 12:45 mentions the matter but with deceit. Deceit by definition is a misrepresentation of the truth. This includes leaving out any parts of the truth; lacking necessary details. These groups travel in the lower dimensions of the spirit realm, and open up doors for demonic entities. Same as their structure here on earth there’s hierarchy, everyone cannot sign up for the position of a doctor, multi-million dollar corporation, coal miner, psychologist brand, electrician, etc. When the impostor’s show up they show up with an agenda, ailments to pass out, some limp, others don’t, and some have distinct features that change the structure of the vessel, etc.

These individuals are demonic and sinister, skilled in astral travel, and equip with advanced technology. Horrible combination!

This attack includes memory removal because it’s not the owner’s complete genetic makeup. This is where cell theft comes in. The missing experiences that the impostor cannot access are made up by the owners’ relatives. Have you witnessed your relatives not be able to recall an entire experience without including someone? Small cells are stolen to fill in the gaps, and given to the reptile. Reimaging creates new images of people and experiences, and involves peripheral and central nerve system invasion. Which is why the impostor often gets details of their borrowed life wrong? Also, after heated or unfavorable encounters they switch them out, meaning another shows up. This is why they will resurface like nothing happened (Mom, Dad, and Brother’s impostor).

The impostor shows up with an agenda and mindset of its own. It’s a shameless intrusion.

Your loved one is now absence from the body, and yes they can see you, have been trying to reach you, but your mind is under attack. They see everything that’s going on, but they do not invade your privacy. Their impostor is here to dismantle the angel if you have one, undo family cohesion, oppress and abuse children that were made out of love, and collect life insurance policies. We must get our people back! I will get mine, and they will be restored. 

                Why is it imperative? It cheats them out of being judged

They are witnessing the invader do things with their body they would not, create friction in relationships they cherish, utilize their belongings and identity, and fraudulently prosper for it. Even more disturbing, they owe Satan a child, so the first thing they do when they show up is plant and bare a demon seed. It is not the owner’s complete genetic makeup; therefore the DNA for the child would be inconclusive. Now do you see how BIG of a problem we have? Lastly, this type of misplacement supports the scientific express of reincarnation.

                                              Revelation Cont.

In the book of Revelation, Pharmaceuticals is referred to as Pharmakeia. It warns that the world of medicine will make people more susceptible to demonic influence. You now know it’s NOT principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places (there’s no such thing). We wrestle against, FLESH and BLOOD and our minds are their target. This unveiling debunks the mental illness umbrella, no matter how severe the case. When they run across a rare non conformer that fights back, they attempt to label or medicate the individual. Later, possess the people that knew of the non-conformer, so no one can speak out nor stand up on their behalf. Essentially, they have people’s families working against them, to help get them medicated, or standby while they die.

The men and women attacking me don’t want to take responsibility for all the wrongful diagnosis’ and deaths, associated with the mental health field.

When someone accepts an allopathic drug, it gives the men and women behind the screen permission to attack you. This is why when some stop the drug, the attacks get worse. These people are passing out ailments according to what you will accept as true, and it goes beyond hereditary explanation. Epigenetics’ is the result of not living the lifestyles our parents lived, voiding the hereditary assumption of disease. Cancer, AIDS, Lupus, and others, were created in a lab. When it comes to oppression some are but most are not able to tell which thoughts are their own. If you raise the frequency in a room, you change the matter, cells, neurons, energetic field. Interesting enough, this should give you a different take on sorcery and “Generational Curses”, and how they’ve been applied thus far.

Even those that are obedient i.e., working, creating debt, endorsing separation, accepting their wicked rules regarding lesbian and gays communities (which is demon possession), not researching anything, buying products according to how they alter your view, are being wrongfully attacked. You would be surprised at how they justify their attacks upon your life. People with pure hearts survive to some extent, in the absence of addiction, the nature of their spirit does not change. But they are not excluded from memory removal and suggestions. Which the implant assists.


I’ve contacted a lot of churches, and witnessed them possess pastors that were going to assist with my fight. These men and women know that if they used the bodies of religious leaders, they could mislead large groups of people. Like coaching saints to bind evil on “dry land”, where it can attach itself to people. These impostors are standing behind podiums, getting people to relinquish their will, which ultimately changes their destiny.  If you pay close attention, there is a lack of magnetic healers, clergy, prophets, etc.

I bind evil and misplaced spirits that no longer have vessels in Hell. There it cannot manifest again. Others will start to follow.

The teachers, and gifted are being attacked and once they are misplaced, the impostor cannot access the divine. What the impostors do have is access to are, the men and women orchestrating these attacks from behind the computer screen. For example, if the position of a pastor is taken on, evil entities level to fake a healing or prophetic message. The members of the church are used as leverage, so the pastors’ impostor misleads the congregation, by referring to terms that can be manipulated like GOD and LORD, in exchange for the removal of attacks. Because it’s a reptile before you, it’s their GOD you worship is being directed to.

They portray the “fake” healing to be exhausting and draining; In fact it energizes us

Whoever is surveillancing you, captures the submission, and uses it as both a sacrifice and form of acceptance of their attacks upon your life. It’s justifiable because there’s no middle man for “Matters of the Spirit”. Prayers are not making it to where they’re intended, and the pastor is not an intercessor. During this ‘time” we must be specific, about whom our prayer is intended for. Examples: The Most High, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Infinite Source of Wisdom, the One and Only Divine, whatever makes you comfortable, it mustn’t be subject to manipulation. Manipulation by definition means to cease power, will, and control. They are interfering with and re-routing your prayers, using them as false sacrifices. The false sacrifices are how they justify attacking you. 

Do you understand how you’re getting more of what you’re praying against?

The world is not coming to an end; it’s undergoing a process to become more humane.

The Old Testament dates to before Common Era and the New Testament (most reliable ancient document) dates to after the death of Christ. There were 5,000 copies after Christ died, and the translation “suffered” manipulation. The Catholic Church had conflict with scientist mid 1700’s, later losing dominion over law. British colonist founded the United States around 1776. By 1790, the United States established law, 1800’s creation of the Federal Reserve, adopted the term scientist by 1834, and by 1871 established the U.S as a foreign corporation. Occults have practices hidden science since 460BC. In 1947, the Old Testament was confirmed. Allegedly, the internet was created in the 1960, the bible was removed from the school system just two years later, 1962. The first 11 chapters in the Book of Genesis (the beginning), has no author and bears not witness. In study bibles, you can reference, these chapters claim to have been written by scientific scholars…Wouldn’t it benefit such malicious people to fool the American people about Adam and Eve’s assignment? Our history, and

                                                Previous Revelation 

In 2013, Snowden exposed government agencies for spying on its citizens, but you’ll find many do not recall. Some of the names that came up were: PRISM, NSA, Tempora, XKeyscore, and TAO. These people are in place to destroy your faith, block those with divine gifts, and making attacks that people can’t survive. Bringing to life the type of evil that no one wants to believe could exist. 

Their attacks are broad with variations, but it’s unmistakably dark. The great part about it is they are accessible, and all work at the same U.S and Britain Government Communications HEADQUARTERS! The people they possess are temporarily owned until someone demands their return, or their vessel expires. How many of your loved ones, have you let go? The relationship between science and religion leads to public hostility. Elite members of science, utilize clones, RFID chip implant, witchcraft (cursing), sensory perception stimuli’s, electromagnetic frequency, radiation, private funding, telekinesis, kurlian satellites, and other advanced forms of technology against the public. They are the face of:

Failed marriages
Learning disabilities
Unexplained Injury
Aches and Pain
Failed Exams
Raping Children
Microwaving Children
Nervous Tension
Plane Crashes
Law of Attraction
Sudden Changes in Relationships
Folding Time and Space
System Overrides
Failed Mechanical Engineering
Inability to Recall
Weakened Products
School Shootings

In essence, anything that a pill can be taken for or anything that can’t be explained. Elite Members of Science are owned by Satan. These people enjoy playing with technology and seeing what it’s like to be others. As I am fighting against flesh and blood, one can imagine how reprobate they are.

                                                       Why Me?

Government agencies and affiliates specialize in conformance; free will is a threat to their interest and agenda. Surely, you’re asking yourself why me? I am predestine, meaning sent from heaven for an assignment here on earth. I possess the Holy Spirit of Divinity, and mitochondrial (the Eve Gene). Which is a powerful DNA combination. The group studies the way my mind works, sample DNA, sabotage pregnancy, monitor my energetic field (vibrations), and administer experimental stimulants. They don't want the masses to know that "Angels" like their adversary “devils” exist here on earth. This information would restore faith, and expose how Elite Members of Science (serpents and reptiles) by way of hidden science, attack you, me, us and our families for centuries. Their story of Adam and Eve, is full of deceit. They are targeting my ability to lay hands, clergy, clairvoyance, scan (which is how I locate problem areas), I am a prayer intercessor, prophesize, and can enlighten humanity. They’ve watched me discern matters of the world, nurture spirits, travel, gain knowledge and share it for years. Part of the test is taking Adam, they knew I would fight for Nate J. Ford.  

According to those surveillancing me, if they weren’t able to kill me, I’d bare the messiah

                                            Adam and Eve Unveiling


                                                        The Devil

The enemy always knows who you will be before you do. To assist that statement, consider the use of computer interfaces that predict how the abducted/kidnapped “should” look, years later. That is a form of fortune-telling technology. Linked to your social security number, these people have predicted a threshold and max earning potential for your life-time. If you should take an unpredicted route, they try to destroy or shrink you. When used with holograms the groups can run test scenarios that predict how one would react, to the obstacles they orchestrate. Of course! To achieve a desired outcome. So think for a moment about every unexplainable circumstances that’s occurred in your life. If you’re able to recall it. The shifts they orchestrate from behind a computer, has real-time effects, on our lives. This type of technology is being used unlawfully, and harmfully against innocent people.

                                              Those That Know Me

The healthy relationships I’ve maintained all my life or 10+ years, suddenly changed. There was NO falling out. It can be witnessed, by looking at my social media pages, and later established podcast (3/2018).Those I know LOVE me, and their impostors are clearly unbothered, will not part without force, and have made a shameless intrusion. See YouTube video “threats of death”. Once they realized I was not going to allow them to house the bodies of my relatives they began to plot against me. The impostors were instructed to do nothing, while the surveillancers continuously made efforts to kill me. Their operating as if injustice is not taking place, something my people WOULD NEVER DO!

The same thing is taking place at the shelter. Most the women there are possessed. The case workers are reptiles that have screwed over hurt, battered, and wayward women for years. Same as my family, no one will discuss, share, read, nor are they disturbed by the crimes committed against me. Some flee once possessed. I've brought the issue to everyone's attention. Although, they play nice, they too, have done beyond questionable things and are not to be trusted. Lastly, there is an unproductive group or population of people that identify themselves as targeted individuals' (TI's). They are on YouTube, appear commercial, most have jobs, which means they settled or made some sort of exchange with those surveillancing. However, they "somehow" have not managed to draw any awareness to the issues their having (as many of them, that there are). These are the type of people that show up at the shelter sometimes that those surveillancing thought I would allow to side with me. None of these people can stand at my side. 

Upon taking their assignments their number one “do not” is to “do not support her”, because financially I must struggle (Revelation 13:17). For assistance, they’ve designated “one” the most disruptive and dysfunctional reptile. The first vessel attacked; my brother. And to accept the help of this individual, would be considered “making a deal” with the devil. On YouTube, occult alliances, corporate members, and private citizens have been my only viewers. With the exception of a rare pure heart, eventually, they distract.

Pages: Victoria Oliver on Facebook &YouTube, ToriO922 on Twitter, and 1sdivineo on Instagram Other Facebook pages will be released and made public.

                                                          My Intent

          I’ve had to fight extremely hard to get this far. I created the channel to bridge the gap between Science and Matters of the Spirit. Debunking the mental health field, and unveiling the men and women in professions doing the opposite of what’s required. This matter affects EVERYONE and everything, the WORLD must KNOW. It effects Houses of Worship, Businesses, Military, the World of Science and Engineering, etc. Wherever, they have told you, you have to accept unclean matters of the spirit.

On a daily basis they were removing learned information that they have interest in. Over the years they have implemented “my” and even your ideas. I have had to re-learn real estate many times, not to be an agent, but an investor. They jam thoughts in the middle of conversations, and there’s pain associated with putting information back. The more I fight the more they put back, and the more they realize I’m destine to reach the public. In essence, every memory, skill sets, vocabulary, odd facts, family and friends, EVERYTHING WILL BE RESTORED!!

If you take a look at technology and some of the things their introducing to the public, it’s a result of the attacks being made on me. Their trying to quickly introduce certain concepts and terms. As this progress excels, they complain about having to put information and surveillance clips back, to their original state. Desperate, they have been trying to side with me, of course as those they’ve attacked. Hustle me out of money I have not made yet, for publicity, and try to convince me, that they are the only way. Problem is I won’t sacrifice NO ONE and NOTHING, because I do not have to. They knew I wouldn’t sway for a man, money, nor position, and did not intend for me to live through this. So now you have someone who travels the world, confine to a five mile radius. While all my relatives know, and pretend it’s not happening.


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