Rip Up the 2 OC Fairgrounds Master Site Plans, Start Over with a Public-Friendly Process!

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OVER $250,000 of public money has been spent on TWO Master Site Plan proposals made in BACKROOMS outside the view of the Public who own the OC Fairgrounds. The first proposal wanted to build a convention center. The second one destroys agriculture and doesn’t fit into the neighborhood.


Create a new Master Site Plan that includes the Equestrian Center.


Don't destroy the historic equestrian center to replace it with an RV Park or parking lot.

Delete the proposed RV Park and/or parking lot and keep the current footprint of the Equestrian Center and improve the facilities.

We ask that the OC Fair Board consider the public's views on a basis equal to that accorded to the Board, staff, and contractors to create a new Master Site Plan that includes an Equestrian Center, more open space and increased emphasis on agriculture, education, and community use.

Make better efforts to include the public's viewpoint in the process of creating a Master Site Plan by scheduling OC Fair Board meetings at times that the public is most likely to participate. 

We are not sure who benefits from the proposed ideas for the September 2017 and April 2018 Master Site Plan but we know it is not the public.

It is the public who owns the OC Fairgrounds. As a member of that public I don't believe that we have been considered as active stakeholders in the process of developing a Master Site Plan.


OC Fair Board of Directors are:

Ashleigh Aitken, Barbara Bagneris, Nick Berardino, Sandra Cervantes,

Doug La Belle, Gerardo Mouet, Newton Pham, Robert Ruiz, and Stan Tkaczyk